Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Here goes nothing....

There comes a time in life when you have to say " Enough is enough!"
I am on a mission to raise a healthy and balanced family even if it kills me!! I am sick and tired of feeling as if I am differnent because I don't take my kids MacDonald's Playplace for lunch ( not to mention how dirty those places are) and don't feed my children Yo-Go's ( high fructose corn syrup anyone??).
I used to just give in and and let my daughter eat crap just so my friends and family would not give me grief and tell me that I deprive her of all the good things in life ( ie: fast food and processed meals). Since when is wanting my family to be trans fat free a bad thing?? I sure don't turn my nose up or make unsolicited comments about what you're putting in your kids mouth am I?? So what gives you that right to say stuff to me?
I also know that raising a healthy family is about balance. Moderation is the key. When I do go though the BK Drive-thru and order that Big Kids Meal w/ fries I allow my 4 year old to eat about 10 of the french fries. I want her to know that this is considered a treat that we partake in about 1-2 times a month. I won't lie. She looks forward to this "treat," but she is also understanding that we do not do this all the time and that it really is junk food. And for the record she gets a side of broccoli or carrots ( from home) to eat with the junk!
So won't you join me on my adventure of trying to keep my sanity while trying my darndest to raise my kids ( Amara is 4 and Miles is 10 months) and husband to have a healthy and balanced relationship with food ( my #1 love) and physical activity(my other #1 love) w/o being overly neurotic and without going completely insane!

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