Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Amara's new ride!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The "Dirty" Dozen

More and more studies are showing how important it is to eat organic. We are not the wealthiest family around, but we make nutrition a top priority on our "spending" needs. With all the processed foods and high fructose corn syrup everywhere you turn it can be difficult and/or time consuming to eat healthy. Actually, that's just another excuse a lot of us like to use ( I use it too.) My family eats processed and boxed foods. Mostly snack crackers and flavored rices- I think anything not from the ground or in a tree is considered processed. We try to make the best choices though. Organic and/or all natural crackers/snacks/cookies (kid stuff). Whole gain couscous and wild rices; more times than not the rices/grains we purchase are organic as well. This is not for everyone, so don't think I am telling you to go out and do what I do!
I always get so confused on what produce is OK and which is not (organically speaking). I finally decided to print out 2 copies of the Dirty Dozen and put one on the fridge and one in my purse!

Whether you are on a budget and need to prioritize your organic purchases, or you would simply like to know which type of produce has the highest pesticide residues-and which do not-the following guide from the Environment Working Group will help:

12 MOST Contaminated:
  1. peaches

  2. apples

  3. sweet bell peppers

  4. celery

  5. nectarines

  6. strawberries

  7. cherries

  8. pears

  9. grapes(imported)

  10. spinach

  11. lettuce

  12. potatoes

12 LEAST Contaminated:

  1. onions

  2. avocado

  3. sweet corn (frozen)

  4. pineapples

  5. mango

  6. asparagus

  7. sweet peas (frozen)

  8. kiwi fruit

  9. bananas

  10. cabbage

  11. broccoli

  12. papaya

So there you have it. "The List"

Questions for you:

Do you buy organic? If yes, what items? If no, why not?


Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Perfection

Today is my birthday! I am 33 today. I actually thought I was turning 32. Pretty funny.
How did I spend my birthday you ask??
Well...Matt and the kids went away for the night ( Friday) until later on Saturday! I am not sure if that is mean or not!?! I thought it was a nice gesture though. The family busted out of here around 5 PM Friday and I was soon to leave my house too. I ended up at the spa getting a nice pedicure with my buddy. Ahhhh!
I followed this up with a major DVR session at home-I am almost caught up!
Saturday morning I thought I might sleep in-NOPE. Went to the gym for a power spin class that I have not been to in a while and then headed out for a little 6 mile run. The weather was gorgeous.
After that I thought I might take a nap. NOPE. I went to Target and tried on about 5-6 pair of jeans. No success either, but that's OK. After Target I met a friend for lunch. At a Chinese buffet. Oh boy. I sat down and enjoyed a plate 2 plates of fried. Yup. It was disgustingly delicious. Stuffed city. I went home for a nap. NOPE. My dinner date called me earlier then expected ( I am still full from lunch). We met an hour earlier than planned. She ate some cheese and crackers until I was ready-ha! We went to a place called San Chez Bistro. It's a place for tapas ( little appetizer type thing) We ordered 3 and shared. We also shared a ginger mocha. It was very different, but amazing! I love ginger. I also got a free dessert that I hoped I would not like- NOPE. Loved it. Ice cream/pie/cake masterpiece of some sort. Or as I called it-heaven on a plate with chocolate drizzle.
After that, my big brother and I went out for drinks. I had 2 adult beverages and about 10 pitchers of water-trying to flush out all the salt and crap I ate earlier! It was a fun evening.
I woke up to Amara trying not to wake me up. She was taping a card to the mirror on the back of our door. So cute. Miles was very nice as well and yells" Happy Valentine's day Momma!" and even gave me his favorite yellow motorcycle as a present. Love him.
I was able to go for a 22+ mile bike ride. I came to a miniature cake and a bag of Hot Tamales.
Best. Birthday. Ever.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

News you can use *How to save a life.....*

It's been fifty years since CPR ( cardio-pulmonary resuscitation) was first introduced to the public. So many lives have been saved as a result of this combo of mouth-to-mouth breathing and chest compressions. It's easy to learn and does not take too much time either ( most trainings take less than one day). You're family is worth it. Hopefully you will NEVER have to use this training in your lifetime, but if you do; it's best to be prepared.

To find a training facility near you check

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Matt took the kids by the river to take some pics! This was the keeper! It's now in a frame.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Kid Updates............

Miles is still on his veggie kick! Bout time........ I don't think it even has much to do with me telling him that I will call the cops on him either...the kids just wants to eat them-willingly!
He is doing great with keeping himself dry--even during nap time and nighttime as well.

The other thing; well, it's going I guess. He's only 2.5 right??!! That's what I keep telling myself! Besides that, we are very happy with how is growing and progressing. He speaks really well for his age I think and is just a smart great kid all around.

Amara is doing great. Kindergarten will be over in about a month's time already. She is reading quite well and also writing full sentences. And oh, the homework! I am not sure I was as busy as she is when I was in kindergarten. I can see why/how kids her age are stressed out!
I am looking forward to summer. I am not sure Amara is; she will miss school so much! I am searching for fun activities for her do do. So far she will do a week long tennis "camp". I think she is most excited for the cute skirt she gets to wear! I want to make sure she is active using her body, but also keeping her mind working and learning too.
Her first 5k race is tomorrow! She and Matt will run/walk it together. The weather should be ok (knocking loudly on wood). I am hoping the major wind gusts and torrential rain downpour are over and done with today ( for reals!)
I am sure she will have a good time and she is most excited for what happens after the race--breakfast at Perkin's, where she will order her favorite-- Rainbow Pancakes!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

More veggies please!!!

Miles asked for a second helping of green beans at dinner today. Well a little boy claiming to be my Miles did anyway. He looked just like my son. I have no idea what has gotten into him! He was full of "Thank you Momma's" and " I love bean beans!" ( Miles-speak for green beans).

I forgot the second best part. He had already finished his dinner and was eating a sucker. He put the sucker down and asked for more green beans!

Kids. They like to keep ya on your toes at all times I guess!

Today will be the last day of my time alone with Miles before Matt and Amara return. It was an exhausting 4 days as a single parent of 1, but a fun one indeed. It was really different to be with just Miles for that long. He really is something else!