Friday, May 29, 2009

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would love to try the Vanilla Granola Body Cream and the Coconut Lotion

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The green stuff in the garden

I have not been in the garden today. Well I take that back. I just got back from taking a stroll in there, and did not do any work in the garden today. We apparently got a good rain last night ( I slept threw it). It must have done a lot better than my efforts with the hose because we have more peas and broccoli! I think it's broccoli. It's broccoli or a very consistent weed that's turning up every 18 inches in a nice row. I will google it later. It better be broccoli! The rain also brought back all of the weeds I just picked. Dang.
A friend told me that cayenne pepper might be a good rabbit repellent for my strawberries so I need to go buy some and sprinkle that very soon. She also uses glass jars full of water placed around the plants. The thought behind that is that the reflection from the water scares the innocent bunnies away! I will wait to hear if it helps or not before I try that one.
I think Amara and I both needed a garden break. She did not even ask about it today!
She is getting a bit more excited to try things in the garden ( so she says now). She wants to try the watermelon and probably even the bell peppers if they are fun colors. She is not so sure about the banana peppers ( too hot!), or the squash ( I do not like squash momma) or the onions( yuck).
Miles will just about try anything you put in front of him. He is loving green beans ( bee bees) and asparagus ( bee bees) these days. He wants to eat salad, but I will feel better about that after he gets more teeth! He was all about the edamame I had on my salad though. A bit hard for him to chew but he kept asking for " Mo, Mo peese!" Who could say no to that?!?

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Strawberries are in!

Matt built a section just for the strawberry plants on Sunday. I transplanted them from their shoebox homes to their new place. I had no idea what I was doing(duh), but let's hope they grow (and don't get eaten by birds and bunnies). We love strawberries. All of us, so that would be awesome if they actually blossom and don't spread everywhere else in the process! A lot of them are already flowering which I think is a good thing-right??
That's all I got accomplished on Sunday. Well, that and pulling the weeds as usual!
Today I did not even step in the garden. I plan on watering it after the kids go to bed. I might not get to it though, but we have thunderstorms in the forecast so I won't feel to bad!
I have not planted any flowers yet either. I hope to by this weekend though.
All I have left to plant is the watermelon, green beans and summer squash. As always, wish me luck!

BAGGU Reusable Bag Review

I am always on the lookout for great Earth friendly products. I was very pleased to have been sent this reusable bag from BAGGU! I have been on a quest for a bag that I can fit in my purse or in my glove bag for unplanned trips to the store or for when I am only getting a few items. I already use reusable bags, but I leave them at home until I need to use them. The ones I use for grocery items are over sized. I never remember to leave one in the car, and I am sure that if I actually did leave it in the car I would forget to bring it in the store with me. That's why the BAGGU is such a great find! It's exactly what I need.
The BAGGU bag comes in it's own carrying case as well. It is so small and folds to a compact 5"x5" square pouch! Perfect for my purse! Baggu was founded on the principal that functional, beautiful design should be affordable. The BAGGU comes in 3 sizes starting at only $6. They offer more than 50 colors too for all you fashionistas out there.

Another cool thing about this reusable bag is that it can hold up to 25 lbs while weighing less than 2 oz. How cool is that?!?!?
They offer plain Jane bags, ones with designs, big bags, small bags, grocery kits, produce bags and more. Head on over to BAGGU and check out all of the options. I am sure you will find one ( or several ) that will suit your needs! My quest for the perfect sized reusable bag is officially over. Thanks BAGGU!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chocolate bell peppers?

I was pretty busy today, but still found the time to plant 2 rows of bell peppers! I didn't start until after 8pm ( kids were in bed). I actually got my measuring tape out this time to make sure the seeds were 18 inches apart and the rows were 2 feet apart! I have not really been doing that for the other seeds..hope that won't be a problem. This seed pack says they are multi colored peppers including chocolate and white hues! That should be interesting. I have never seen those colors before.
The mosquito's were out of control too, so that made me work a lot faster so I would not get eaten alive. I would love to plant a few more rows of veggies tomorrow and/or some flowers too, but we will have to see what happens. I tried to recruit my brother to come over and help ( oh, by the way, he has his worm compost up and running), but I am not sure he will actually come over. I should probably get to bed!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Amara's favorite vegetable is finally in the ground

It was a great day to be in the garden. The temperatures were nice and cool. It looked like it was going to rain almost the whole day, but it never did.
Amara and I had some fun in the garden. She did a really great job pulling the weeds and planing her favorite vegetable--broccoli. I have heard from a few people that broccoli is hard to grow, but I hope that it's not. Broccoli might be the only veggie that I am planting that Amara actually really enjoys. She was very happy to find out that we were finally planting the broccoli ( her word) Amara had a great time trying to maneuver the watering can, she stepped on a few onion plants in the process, but hey; it happens! This is our time to spend some quality time together while her baby brother takes a nap. She had to take a few breaks-- once to use the potty, once to play in the sandbox and once to play on her slide! She always made her way back to the garden though.
My plan is to get out in the garden again tomorrow, Sunday and Monday and hopefully get the rest of my crops ( ha) in the ground. That's what I say now anyway. Wish me luck.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5 year olds know best

The month of May has been full of celebrations for us. First was a 25k that I ran along with family members that participated in a 5k on the same day. We celebrated my birthday that same day a week early. Then there was Mother's Day. Next was my farewell dinner from some clients of mine. A friends birthday party. My real birthday and finally Amara's birthday was yesterday. To make a long story short---there was much junky food eaten by us. A lot more than usual. We are what we would like to think an above average family when it comes to doing things in a healthful manner. We like to eat healthy and we like to teach the kids to do the same. Amara knows that we eat well with small treats during the week and usually a junk food meal 1 time a week ( ex: mac and cheese, pizza or some other take out). This week alone I think I had pizza 3 times. Ugh. I can feel it too. Coming out of my veins and pores! My dad would say

"You're going to turn into a pizza!"

So anyway-- on Sunday we went to the zoo and when we got back my dad thought it was a nice gesture to "treat"us to pizza for Amara's birthday. I hated to turn him down, so I didn't. While my dad and I were off to pick it up Amara told my husband that we already had pizza this week and that we should probably eat something else; something healthier since pizza is greasy. Matt was ready to make her something else, but she finally "gave in" because she did not want to hurt granddad's feelings. Gotta love her effort though.

The next day we were to take her to dinner for her birthday. Whilst deciding what time to go she almost started to cry because she did not want to eat junky food again. We were so proud! She requested salad, whole wheat pasta and marinara sauce for dinner!

I guess it sometimes take a 5 year old to put us in our place and to remind us of the values we instill in her. It's nice to know she listens!

Fresh Body Market Review and Giveaway!

I am so lucky to have gotten the chance to use some very awesome products from Fresh Body Market. I opened the box to find the cutest mini milk jug filled with a gorgeous pink bubble bath (Strawberry Milk Bath). I also had the coolest cucumber shaped facial soap! It looks exactly like a cucumber—I am not kidding!

About Fresh Body Market:
At Fresh Body Market, we are dedicated to creating innovative all-natural, uniquely formulated body care products. We make fun products with serious benefits by using real fruits and vegetables, rather than commonly used extracts. In addition to our natural ingredients, we also love that our products are paraben free and vegan certified because we know that everyone (and that includes us) can indulge in our decadence guilt-free. We want people to enjoy the limited time they have to care for their mind, body and spirit.

So as you can see this is a great company! I love that all the products are ALL NATURAL!! I had a hard time actually finding the time to use my bubble bath (with 2 small kids I am sure you understand where I am coming from). I FINALLY made the time the other day and I am so glad that I did! As soon as I twisted off the cap of my milk jug my nose was filled with the most delightful aroma. It smelled like a heavenly strawberry milkshake! No empty calories here! What I liked most about this bubble bath (besides the smell) was that the bubbles actually lasted the duration of the bath. You know how sometimes the bubbles fade away after 5 minutes? Not these!It's nice when you don’t have to keep adding them so they last longer. I vow to make the time for more baths for myself.
From the site:
BENEFITS: Organic Coconut Milk - Penetrates and moisturizes the skin while minimizing damage from sun exposure that causes sagging, wrinkling and blemishes. Removes dead skin cells, producing an even texture and glow.

I am in love with the Q-Cumber facial Soap!! Not only did it resemble an actual cucumber, but it is made with real cucumber water!! The great people at Fresh Body Market also included a cucumber cutter so I could slice off a piece to use each time I needed to wash my face. How clever is that?!?!
From the site:

BENEFITS: Cucumber Water - Nutritional benefits include natural salts, enzymes, and vitamins essential for strong cell growth, toned skin and helps shrink pores. Cucumbers have the same pH as the skin so they help to restore the skin’s protective and natural acid mantle. Cucumber is naturally a powerful astringent that helps tighten the skin and smooth out the wrinkles and fine lines.
I have been using the soap for about 1.5 weeks now and I can honestly say that my skin looks and feels better. I don’t wear makeup (maybe 2x/month), but I do sweat a lot; everyday in fact. I am a group exercise instructor and a runner and lately my skin has been misbehaving! This Q-Cumber soap has made a big difference in its appearance. My skin is softer and not as oily I have noticed.
I recommend these products wholeheartedly! All of the products on their site would make great gifts for anyone—especially yourself!
The fine people at Fresh Body Market were nice enough to offer a giveaway for the same items I reviewed! Here are the rules:

MAIN RULE (this must be followed or no other entries will count!) Log onto the Fresh Body Market website and tell me 2 products you would like to try ( besides the ones I reviewed)
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*you have 7 chances to enter……. Please be sure to separate your entries in the comment box.*This giveaway will run through 11:59pm of May 28th and the winner will be announced by the afternoon of May 29th. The winner will be chosen by using from all valid entries and will be contacted via email. The winner will have 48 hours to contact me before they forfeit their prize. Giveaway is open to US residents only.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amara picked the weeds..I mean the peas!

Amara was helping in the garden today. We were some weed pulling fools. About 10 minutes into our endeavor she asks " what the heck kind of weed is this?" TO my surprise, there was a pea at the end!! When I told her of her glorious discovery she thought she might be in trouble. No way!!! She cracked the case of the disappearing peas ( aka: mom did not label and/or remember where she planted them). I sure hope it's OK to replant them after she pulled them up..cuz that's exactly what I did.

Now I have a cluster of sugar snap peas possible growing way to close to each other. Oh well. Amara and I are having tons of fun in the dirt. I have to remind her that every weed does not not its own personal song nor does every worm we find need its own tune. Don't get me wrong; I am loving being in the garden with her. It's just that we were on limited time today ( we went to the zoo after Miles' nap), so I had to cut the Broadway Review down to 5 songs instead of 8!

I have included pictures of the mysterious lemon balm leaves ( or whatever it might be), pea pods and the onions. Enjoy!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Lemon balm bush and hungry birds

I am pretty certain the good smelling stuff in my garden is lemon balm. I googled a picture and it looks exactly the same to me. It smells so good! I am just not a fresh herb kinda gal so I might just keep picking it and smelling it and then tossing it!
My onions seem to be getting bigger and bigger everyday. I am not sure if the bird like the onion tops or not, but they sure do like something that's in my garden...maybe the worms? Or maybe it's the peas that I can't locate. Either way, glad I can help them out.
In a few more weeks I will be able to plant the rest of my seeds and get this show on the road!

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Celebrate Chocolate Truffles & Cocoa Almonds Giveaway!

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I did it!

We have onions people! I noticed yesterday evening while weeding ( again), that there was some onions breaking ground! Yahoo! I planted about 15 -20 bulbs and about 5 of them have started to come up. I am a pretty patient person and always have been, but this waiting is kind of torture for me. I plan on getting out there again today to pick some more weeds ( does it ever end??) and sprinkle my organic Preen weed stopper around my prize onions!

The picture is not of my onions. Not yet anyway. Mine better look this nice!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sani Hands for Kids Review ONLY

I am always on the look out for great products that are kid friendly. I came across Sani Hands for Kids Instant Hand Sanitizing Wipes the other day. I figured what the heck and bought a box of 24 wipes. I am not a total germaphobe with the kids, but I do have hand sanitizer on me at all times. We frequent the grocery store ( dirty carts) the park ( gross) and I have even let them play on the forbidden mall play area. Miles actually has not been there yet, but Amara has been a few times. I like these individual wipes much better then the gloppy hand sanitizer in the bottle. These are much easier to handle and to control with the kids. I know that their whole hands are getting cleaned because I am doing the wiping.
From their site: An important way to prevent illness is to keep hands clean. Yet, how many children really take time to wash their hands before they eat? Sani-Hands® for Kids is formulated for use to clean and sanitize hands prior to handling food without rinsing. Unlike most other products.
Sani Hands for kids claims to kill 99.9% of germs. They are antimicrobial and they moisturize with aloe and Vitamin E.

To find out more about this great product CLICK HERE

15 minutes ( more like seconds) of fame!

Here is my promotional bit for the Honey Don't Cough product!

Click on the 3rd TV on the bottom to see my nervous debut! It was a lot of fun and I was so glad to be a part of it. Both kids were taking the honey all last week before bed and guess what? It still works! They slept all night long without waking up in a coughing fit.
Take some time to buzz around the site as well. Lots of great information!

Monday, May 11, 2009

URL name change!

I decided to change my URL to healthy family adventures.... I still consider myself a Fit Crazed Momma, but this blog kind of veered away from that. That's all fine and good...I like to evolve! Haha. I am trying to evolve into being a healthy family so I think the new URL is fitting for the time being.

Amara and I were out in the garden today pulling weeds ( again!) and finding slugs and worms. That girl is terrified of anything with wings, but give her a slimy something and she is all about it. She even held a salamander on Sunday without freaking out. Even Miles was excited about the "snake" ( as he called it). I on the other hand was not really into touching the thing. I used to love worms when I was her age I am sure, just not so much anymore.
While we were pulling weeds I kept pulling up something that smelled so good. Kind of like lemon. It might have been lemon balm ( whatever that is). All I know was it smelled like heaven! Amara and I were sniffing away at the roots for quite a while. I have no idea what to do with lemon balm though so I just kept pulling it up, took a whiff and then threw it in my refuse bag.
I might get the hang of this garden thing someday. Hopefully soon!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weeds or Seeds?

I am pretty impatient with this whole garden!! I have some green stuff sprouting up, but I am not sure if the greens are peas pods, onions or weeds! So I guess I won't be pulling them up until I know it's a weed for sure.
We had some good rain here over the weekend too so my garden is nice and damp and the crops should prosper--right??? My wonderful mom in law brought me quite a few strawberry plants the other day, but she told me not to put them in my garden unless i wanted the whole space to be taken over by strawberries. So now I need dear husband to build some wire fence contraption to keep our dog out of my berry plants!
I am also in the mood to plant some type of wild flower(s) mix around the garden fence. Any ideas? I love recommendations on topics I know NOTHING about.
I have a great giveaway coming this week...stay tuned!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Planting the seeds

Well I finally planted something!
Peas. I HATE peas! Oh well. I might learn to tolerate them now. They most likely taste a lot better fresh then from the can. It's one of the few vegetables that are OK to plant out of season. I was itching to plant something so I did. I picked weeds and put out organic weed stopper and then planted about 30 pea seeds. I think we are to get more rain tomorrow so that will be good for them. I just realized how big the garden really is after planting my first crop. I have a lot of space to work with. I can be impatient with projects and this is one of them. I don't really want to do anymore research on gardening. I hope I don't mess this up! I added some pics of the garden. I only weeded part of it and I am pretty sure I was pulling up tree roots today!