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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Kid's Marathon Recap

Amara still has 2.5 miles to make up in order to have officially completed the distance ( 26.2 miles).

She was very nervous!! She even took about 3 bathroom breaks in the 30 minutes before the race! She is a true athlete! I tried to explain to her the jitters and nervous excitement and that it was in fact, a good thing! I am not sure she believed me. She was very worried about not meeting her goal. I never asked her what it was, I thought that might make her feel even more pressured.

The Grand Rapids Kids Marathon was very organized. The kids were to start in waves...depending on your last name you were assigned an animal. Amara was a cheetah and in wave 2. She had on my Garmin of course! I did not notice any other kids with fancy GPS gadgets on..whatever.

We were off and running and she did really great! She seemed a lot more relaxed and dare i say focused?!?! She ran the whole way- I found out at the end of the race that that was her goal all along-not to walk! Her time was 13:36 ish. She was flying! The cool thing is that the kids started and ran on and finished at the same start/finish of the real marathon that took place on Sunday.

The kids were treated to water, yogurt, ice cream and apples after the race. The YMCA also had a harvest fest party that we went to after the race. There was lots of stuff going on-face and nail painting, pony rides, coloring cider and donuts and lots more.

I wished I had more action shots, but it would have been kind of hard running with a huge camera! Amara had gym today and you better believe that she is wearing her marathon medal around her neck!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still here....

I think fall is officially here--maybe! It was in the upper 70's and I enjoyed every minute of it. Amara is doing well with her running. She ran three days in a row getting in at least 1.5 miles each time! She needs 5 more before the big race this Saturday. She opted to take the day off today ( I don't blame her) and wants to shoot for 2 miles tomorrow!
picture from last fall-oct. 11, 2009!

Miles turned 3 and all of a sudden he is getting into his naughty stage. He is really well behaved, so when he does normal toddler shenanigan's it is sometimes hard to take! The good news is he is still dry and doing his business on the potty like a champ. I have been getting him up at around 11 pm every night to use the bathroom and that seems to be working well ( except for a weird 4 days in a row that he was still soaking wet, sheets and all!).

I want to get some good fall pics of the kids before the leaves all fall off.....maybe tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Happy Birthday boys!

Today Matt turns 32 and Miles turns 3.

Lots of junk today! For Miles anyway!

He started his day with oatmeal and grapes and topped off that breakfast with half of a large chocolate chip cookie! He was pretty happy about that!

When we arrived at the gym ( had to work), he was greeted with a bad of rice crispy treats; but handed those over to me when he was presented with a plate of fruit from the front desk staff! They were laughing so hard- who gives up sweets for fruit?!?! Miles does, that's who!

After I taught he was handed 2 super mini cinnamon rolls. I ate one and he got the other one after his lunch of deli turkey and cheese on wheat, grapes, wheat crackers and hummus. He also decided to take a nap today.

For dinner we headed on over to Buffalo Wild Wings where he had fries, 1/4 of a cheese quesadilla, a Dum-Dum sucker and a brownie, and ice cream ( shared w/ Matt). When we got home he had a small piece of birthday cake that i made. Whew. He is pretty much on a sugar -high right now. He is not used to this much crap in his system. I gotta go- he just kicked his Monster Truck!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Crock Pot Saturday!

This is the second time making this deliciousness! It's a hit. Lots of leftovers for the next day and the next! Put on some whole wheat buns and you are all set.

We had a side of Roasted Garlic Lemon Broccoli too. Amara's choice! I was not too sure about this, but I really like it. She loves the burst of lemon flavor she gets in every other bite. ( click for recipe). I have made this about 3 times now, once without the lemon, but I think it's best with the lemon. I love lemon.

Saturday's are usually reserved for some junk food for lunch and sometimes even dinner. Today we did have take out pizza for lunch, but we were being mindful of getting in a good healthy dinner.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Just stuff....

We are in the full swing of things with school now. I think we are establishing a routine here any minute. I am getting used to Amara being gone all day now. I am getting used to entertaining Miles all by myself now! Amara was really good at that.

I am trying to teach more classes too. Not that I want to, but it's easy money so why not!?!?

Miles has been without a nap for 5 days in a row now! I am not too happy about that, mainly because he is crabby. If he could go without a nap and still be normal, I would not mind as much. I am wondering and kind of hoping he will crash and burn this weekend and then start napping again. If not, then I can probably get more hours to work at the YMCA. I try to be done working in time for Miles to take a good nap, but this week--no so much! I tried everyday to lay him down and he was up causing trouble. He is lucky he is so dang cute.......

Amara is on mile 13 of her kids marathon! We did not run 1 time this week either. She (we) still have 12 more to get in by the 16th in order to make it. I think we will cut it way to close, but it will get done. She's a tough kid and she wants to earn a medal!
She has been asking to buy hot lunch at school. Yuck. I took a look at the menu and was appalled at most of the choices. I don't even think she would like most of the items. I think I will let her buy hot lunch once a month starting this month. We get the menu for the whole month so we will go over it this weekend and choose a day. It's making me think about Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution that was on TV last summer. Her school serves breakfast pizza too. It's just regular pizza, served in the morning. What a concept. She understands it's only a treat to get lunch once a month. I hope so. Maybe I will make her pay for it...........

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

A year ago! A tad blurry, but it was all I could find!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Break.......carpal tunnel and kid updates!

Not much has been going on over here. I am still not typing as much as usual due to my awesome carpal tunnel flare ups. I might try so sleep sans braces tonight..they are awful and get in my way! I have been stretching and self massaging every chance I get. So far, so good!

Miles is doing really well with staying dry. We are now working on staying dry at naps and night time. I really hope this will be the last pack of Pull- Ups I have to buy!! Nap times are obviously easier than night time. I might wake him up and put him on the potty right before I go to bed, which is usually about 2.5-3 hours later. We'll see though.

Amara is doing well too. She is "training" for the kid's marathon, but we have not been getting in her mileage like we should. This darn going to school all day is really getting in the way! We are on mile 10 of 25. The 1.2 mile race is on Oct. 17th.....which means she has to get in 15 more miles before that day. It's possible. I sure hope she does it because she is kind of on the sensitive side and has already cried when I told her she might not get all her miles in! She also told me that when she ran 2 miles ( walk/run) it hurt a little and she did not like it. I told her that pushing yourself is a good thing and it might hurt a little at times! I am not sure she liked that!
Update on myself. I have another blog: Mission Possible that started off as a way to chronicle my fitness/running adventures. I would pick a big goal and then write about the journey to the goal for the most part. My thing is running, but with my vocal cord annoyance I have not been putting in the training that I need/want/should. Well, that and other obstacles ( time, work etc.). I planned on running a half-marathon in less than a month, but have not ran in almost 2 weeks. Not good. So, I most likely will NOT be doing that race. Bum deal! I hope to get back full force training mode in January and am crossing my fingers (and toes) that I am able to run The 2011 Boston Marathon. I qualified last Oct. Sign ups start ( and will most likely SELL OUT ) on Oct. 18th--the day after the 1/2 marathon I am not running!
OK, I better end this post before my hands freeze up!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

30 Days of Self Love

It seems like forever. my carpal tunnel flare up seems to have died down for the time being. I was having fun with the 30 Days posts, but I know it probably would not be in my best interest to make up last weeks entries ( unless I want to be in pain again...and I don't). The good news is I reflected on Tina's posts internally. Writing things down is a lot more therapeutic for me, but I did what I could. Here are a few of last weeks reflections if you want to know!

These are just a few of the titles that I missed. If you wish to see more, please head to Tina's wonderful site!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I did not give up on the 30 days.... campaign! I have awful carpal tunnel ( usually only while pregnant--which I am NOT!) So I decided to take some time off from typing as much....too bad, because the topics Tina has been reflecting on are really good!!! Check her out. I will be back next week.....

Thursday, September 9, 2010

30 Days of Self Love--Gifts of the Body 2 ( Day 9)

We need to shift the qualities with which we define them from aesthetic ones to purposeful ones. Hopefully, after completing 4 rounds of this exercise and having to come up with 12 different parts of ourselves we recognize as a gift, we will grow to love our bodies more and more.

I am not sure why these posts are the hardest for me-and I have to do 4 of them. (help).

So far I have my Body, ears, and legs from post 1.

Hands- They look old, have dry skin and the nails are non-existent. That does not keep them from rubbing backs (the kids and Matt's feet too). I am out of practice as a massage therapist, but I retained enough to do some healing when necessary! They are perfect for holding tiny hands and checking for fevers, giving high 5's and playing peek-a- boo too. Hands are great!

Taste buds- Kind of reaching here, but I love food! As a family we love food. I think we ( Miles, not so much yet) are pretty adventurous when it comes to trying new things and love flavorful things. Not just sweets either. I think Amara inherited this from both of us. One of her favorite things to eat is calamari-- the more tentacles the better!

My belly- For being a safe house for my babies. Yeah, so now it's softer and has some markings but that's not such a big deal when you think of what it did. It is such an awesome thing that I forget the pain, discomfort, the HUGENESS. I carried a living being! That's pretty amazing. I saw a 3.5 week old yesterday and it was almost instinct to rub my own belly- I hope nobody saw me !

the posted pic is about 2 months before I had Big Bad Miles ( 10lbs. 10 oz.)

30 Days of Self Love--Perfection ( Day 8)

In what things do you try to seek perfection? Why do you even want it? How does desiring perfection actually hurt that area of your life? What would letting go of the hope for perfection do for you?

I can't say that I strive for perfection in any part of my life. I know that perfection is not attainable in reality, so why even think that you will ever get there. (*disclaimer*-- the 2 things that have been perfect in my life is of course the birth of my kids, but that's a given I think!). You can strive to do your best in your everyday life, but trying to be perfect will just leave you frustrated.

I do strive to do my best in parts of my life, but with that being said, I also slack in areas that I should be trying harder. Maybe I have let go too much..... I am not sure if it's the "youngest child syndrome" or what. I see my daughter ( a first born) and I see how she needs to have things "just right" and does not like to be wrong- EVER, and I hope it's just because she is 6 and not because she thinks in order for her to be loved, she needs to be perfect. I tell her it's OK to be wrong and that it is just a learning experience. I think and hope she will understand this someday.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

First Day of First Grade!

30 Days of Self Love--Perspective ( Day 7)

How do you witness the power of perspective in your life? Do you currently face something where your perspective could make a difference?

I have taken on an "it is, what it is" mentality for a lot of issues in my life. Especially for the issues that are totally out of my hands-I have to. It won't do any good to dwell on things if they can't be changed. Taking up too much time figuring out the coulda, woulda and shoulda is too exhausting and meaningless.

For current issues that can be changed- Take the steps to change them! Am I currently taking my own advice?? Well....I am working on it! Life is a constant work in progress. I sometimes put things on the back burner too long; either afraid to confront the issue or knowing it will be a difficult journey. Something I need to work on NOW.

Monday, September 6, 2010

30 Days of Self Love--Love From Others ( Day 5)

Reflect on who loves you and what they see in you. Do you have trouble believing it and accepting what they see whole-heartedly? Try to think of all those wonderful things about you that others care for and use those to fuel your day.

Good question! I never really question that people love me, or why they love me. I know I am loved. I guess I used to think it was because they had to! As in my family etc. We never said the words too often, but that never kept me from knowing that they loved me. Through their actions as well as their words can let me know - although I don't need to hear it 24/7--it is nice to hear every now and then. It's usually right when I need to hear it too. It's as if they know...
I know my 2 kids love me with all they have. They tell me at least 5 times a day each and it never gets old!

30 Days of Self Love--So We Idolize Our Bodies (Day 6)

How much do we really value our bodies? We may say we don’t, but when taking a closer look at our actions we may find differently. What ways have you put too much emphasis on your body? How can you change that?

Where do I start?!? It probably started in college when I really started working out. At first it was because my roommate loved to exercise. she and I would go almost everyday. After a while I found out how much I loved it and then I started noticing the changes it brought about. After a while it was getting me a lot of attention from guys. I was not a very out going person so this was very uncomfortable to me. That was one part I did not like--at first. I later felt it pushed me to even work out more. I was not trying to get skinny either. I always wanted to be lean and have muscle and curves. (Still do).

It seems that as time went on it was expected of me to always be working out, or to always be in shape. It felt like it was a job and I was always under a microscope--people wanting to know what I did, for how long, what did I eat etc. I felt ( and sometimes still feel this way) that i had to keep it up or else I would look like a failure to my peers and those that perhaps looked up to me. I am not saying I did things overboard--maybe a few times in my day, but that did not last long.

In a nutshell-- I think most of us do idolize our bodies waaay too much. I do want to always feel comfortable in my skin as well as my clothes though. These days and yes, after having my kids I have a new mindset. I want to show my kids the right way to be healthy- not going to the extreme or overboard.

After my rambling-- I have been focusing for a few years on not idolizing my body for the wrong reasons. Nowadays I idolize my body because of what is has done in the past 6 years:

~It has given birth twice to two good sized babies ( Amara was 8 lbs. 5 oz. and 3.5 weeks early Miles was almost 11 lbs. 1 week early).

~I have run 2 marathons, setting a 20 minute PR with marathon #2 and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

~ I have taught numerous exercise classes to people that thought they were not "cut-out" for it and told me so.

~ I am coming to terms with my ample tummy and not so ample breasts.

~I am focusing on being healthy so I can be here to teach my kids the same.

30 Days of Self Love--Trusting Your Body ( Day 4)

Is there an area where you face difficulty trusting your body? Take time today to focus on this area and pay close attention to your body.

When I think of trusting my body it usually always leads to running ( of course). This year is probably the first time that I don't trust it and it bugs me. I have allergies, acute asthma and something wonderful called Vocal Cord Dysfunction or VCD. Long story short- it started in the spring..feels like a major asthma attack.....I learned breathing rarely happens anymore if at all-nothing as major as in the spring. OK, with that being said-- this is my slowest year ever at running and it is very discouraging. It's a mind game I hope and not so much physical. It's a real downer.

I am trying to focus on trusting my body. I am having trouble pushing myself because I feel I will push myself into a VCD episode and that scares me. I need to trust in my body to use my breathing techniques to get me though if an episode happens. The more I push my body during my runs, the easier it will become. I already know this, but it's good to be reminded. I guess I also need to learn to trust my brain as well, since VCD can be triggered by anxiety and stress. I know I have both of those.

Friday, September 3, 2010

30 Days of Self Love--Intrinsic Beauty ( Day 3)

Day 3----Take a few moments to think how you showcase intrinsic beauty. What positive qualities describe you. Search deep. Through the day consider these qualities. How do they showcase in your life and make you beautiful?

Beautiful is a state of mind. People might be considered beautiful for many reasons- not just physical, maybe not ever physical. Qualities make a person truly beautiful in my opinion.

If being non judgemental is a quality ( I think it is) I think that is one of my best intrinsic qualities. I just don't think it's fair to pre judge anyone. Everybody has a story- you never know what it is until you ask. I know I am pre judged on a daily basis due to the color of my skin. It does not make me sad ( those people probably don't know any better!), but I just choose to live differently and hope to teach my kids that quality as well. I know that I learned that quality most likely from my dad. Thanks dad!

30 Days of Self Love--Gifts of the Body ( Day 2)

Over at Tina’s blog of Faith Fitness Fun, she talked about Gifts of the Body. Thinking about your body as something special that helps support you through your life no matter what. That it is important to treat ourselves and more importantly our bodies like we would treat our friends. With unconditional love and unconditional support.

1. You only have 1 body so treat it right! One of my gifts is just being in good health. That is due to how I treat my body. I take care of it by nourishing it with the things that make it thrive. The food I eat, drink, and exercise.

2. I am thankful for my ears. I am able to listen to my kids laugh and sing and tell stories (thanks Tina!) everyday. One thing both of my kids LOVE to do is sing-it's just a normal thing in our house and in our car.

3. I am thankful for my legs. They may not be the thinnest and never will be. I am glad they are strong and are able to do everyday things such as walk. And not so everyday things such as teaching 2 Spin classes, a sculpting class and then go for a run! Thanks legs!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

30 Days of Self Love--self Confidence ( Day 1)

Take a look at Tina's blog Faith, Fitness, Fun . Here is a short explanation taken directly from her blog:

"Welcome to the 30 Days of Self-Love Reflections (30 DSLR for short)!!!! For those of you just stumbling across my site and this movement, the 30 DSLR is to bring a positive change into each of our lives one day at a time. Each day will feature a new topic and message to reflect on and motivate positivity throughout your day and, hopefully, beyond. I look forward to everyone’s participation and the growth it will bring us! Here we go!"

So now it's my turn to reflect on what confidence means to me.

It means to hold my head high as much as possible. I have always been told I have good posture-- sometimes that's all it takes for me to feel confident ( or even fake it just a little bit). It gives me a feeling of confidence just by straighten up my shoulders and holding my head high. Try it!

My other main job ( besides being a mom) is being a group exercise instructor. I would have never in a million years thought I would have made this my main source of income. I was very, very shy in front of people for such a long time. I did not like to speak in front of groups or anything scary like that! In high school I did not look up while giving speeches..I just read my notes while my palms sweated and my voice shook.

When I was in college I started taking tons of group exercise classes. I loved them. I was there everyday--(in the back row!) As time went on some of the instructors approached me about teaching-- I thought they were joking. They told me how well I did in their classes and also said that I had the personality to teach--what the what?!?! Even my close friends thought it was pretty funny ( thanks guys) that I would instruct.

I had to act fast and finally just went for it. This was so out of character for me-but I felt that if it did not work out as least I tried. Well, to make a long story short I have been a certified instructor for 12 years now. I have worked in all sorts of environments with all kinds of people-- and I love it!

I am sure that instructing provided me with the lifelong gift of confidence that I am grateful for.

Other things I am confident in is that I am a great mom to my kids. I am also a great friend to the few that I have.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Operation Potty Train!

We might be on the way to being pull up and consistent accident free. This has been a long ride. I won't call it frustrating either. Just long.

Miles can go to the bathroom all by himself and basically insists. Almost a full week of no #1 accidents!! We are going on 2 weeks or more ( I forget! Yay!) of going #2 at least every other day if not every day-- by his request! Success. The next step is no pull ups during naps and the night. Any tips out there?!???

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I just signed up for a Mud Run. It's a 5k that involves mud pits, slides, walls, obstacles, lions, tigers and bears! It should be a lot of fun. Time to get dirrrty!

2. I have loved the past 2 days. The weather that is. It has been so hot and humid here that I can't stand it. This morning was 53 degrees. I ran 10 miles. It felt so good!! Besides that my hands froze. I have circulation issues I think. I was sweating. My hands were as well, but they were also frozen. Not sure what that means. I still love the cooler temps. To bad my Mud Run ( see #1) forecast is in the upper 80's with high humidity!! Yahoo! *sarcasm.

3. My neighbor gave me an egg plant from her garden and I have no idea what to do with it? I used to make them all the time with canned tomatoes and Parmesan cheese--I think. I don't want to mess it up! Any ideas???

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Just some images I shot the other day! I am having a lot of fun taking pics of my kids this summer! I think they like it too!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I just got back from teaching a class called Power Train. It's 60 minutes of high intensity drills, plyometrics and kick box combos. I am spent. I also feel as if I am not in shape-what an eye opener!! Thank goodness I don't teach this one all the time.

2. Amara got her hair cut yesterday. It's her 3rd time getting it cut. I can't get over how long that girls hair is when it's blow dried straight!

3. Matt and I get to go on an all expense paid mini vacation with no kids this weekend. I hope I don't sleep the whole time!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Better Oats Oatmeal Review

While shopping at a local grocery store last week I came across Better Oats oatmeal. It was new to the store so it was on sale ( score), otherwise its $1.99 for 5 packets. Not such a great deal if you ask me. I bought Abundance all natural Maple and Brown Sugar. They had Apple Cinnamon there as well. They had a few other flavors (Oat Revolution) too. It was actually a hard decision, but I thought Maple and Brown Sugar had a lot of strong selling points! It has 6 whole grains, Flax seeds and real fruit pieces. It can also be considered a good source of protein ( 5g) and fiber (4g) per serving. It also has cool things in it such a quinoa, barley and brown rice! I really like the unique packaging. The oats are in packets- and you rip the top off, pour the oats in your bowl and then fill up the empty oat packet with water and cook in the microwave for 2 minutes. They worked perfectly every time! ( I have one packet left). These oats are really good. I love oatmeal and if I have to say something negative about this kind it's that it needs more fruit. This actually is not a problem, because I like to add my own blueberries, or strawberries, or raisins or a mix of all those. I just like to make it how I want to.

I am looking forward to finding and trying the other varieties of Better Oats. I recommend this product.

* Head to Better Oats Face Book page -"Like" them and get a buy one get one free coupon! I would love to hear what you think!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Winner Winner- turkey dinner!

I always wait until the last minute to make dinner on time. Well, there really is not an on time in this house, but eating by 6pm is usually how it goes. Once again I waited too late, but came up with something that is hopefully good. It's cooking as I type.

~Turkey meatballs ( lean ground turkey, bread crumbs, minced garlic, cheddar cheese and taco seasoning) I don't measure anything-ever.

~ Sweet potato fries. One savory Cajun and one cinnamon sugar mix. Yep, REAL sugar! ;-)

~ Broccoli ( olive oil, minced garlic, salt and pepper-lemon juice after it's roasted)

The best part about dinner? Amara helped with the whole meal! She is now doing the dishes ( for real!!!).

I did not want to turn the oven on today as it is super hot and humid outside and in our house ( no A/C), but I will survive. Sweating while cooking was worth it with my Lil' Chef in Training!

I only wish I had a good idea for a dessert up my sleeve!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Boring food.

We are in a food slump in our household. We basically eat the same thing over and over and over and I am kind of tired of it. We used to use a dry erase board and plan our meals for the week. That was a good system in theory, but it has kind of fizzled out. Even when the meals were planned I feel towards the end of the dry erase boards reign- the meals started to get boring. It was a protein, a starch and veggie. Pretty boring. It was always healthy-just started to get too boring. At the time I was probably counting calories and it was easier to just eat 4 oz. of chicken, 1/2 cup starch and 1-2 cups of veggies. No sauce and nothing else fun because I was too lazy to add up the calories! Any healthy non-boring food ideas are always welcome!
Maybe next week I will dust off the board......

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1. I am happy that the humidity has finally let up-today is day one. I will try to enjoy it while it lasts because it will be back on Sunday.

2. I hope to take advantage of the low humidity and bake some cupcakes with the kids tomorrow. I plan on using ice cream cones. It should be interesting.

3. Operation Potty Train- well it's going. We have more #1 accidents then the hoarding of #2- so we have that going for us.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

The kids and I had an impromptu photo shoot on Tuesday. This location was beautiful and the kids had a lot of fun!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Treats for the kids- a review ( kind of)

I am always looking for healthy snacks for the kids to eat that will actually enjoy eating! They have been enjoying Clif Bar Kids products-the fruit leather twists and the bars. I was at our Super Target this weekend and came across 2 new items ( new to me anyway!)
Fruit Roll Ups Simply Fruit These are 90% fruit! My kids have never been given a Fruit Roll Up by me (maybe someone that did not know any better--grrr), but they sure were excited to try these. They are pretty sticky and Miles needs help getting it off the cellophane. Amara had no trouble at all which is good because I need something I can pack in her lunch that she can open by herself ( *tear*- 1st grade- full day). I bought Wild berry and the kids are big fans.
I also found Au some Nuggets. I bought the variety pack. I think they are 66% fruit which is OK by me. Miles is a fan, Amara has not tried them just yet. I am glad to have found some new treats for the kids.
Let me know your healthy go to snacks!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Three Things Thursday

I thought I might jump on the bandwagon to keep me updating this blog-so I will have a daily theme. This might be a last ditch effort, and if I don't keep it up, I will discontinue this blog and just keep Mission Possible.

So here goes nothing!

1. I looked back at my To-Do List for this blog and have not done any of the things mentioned! I am such a liar! I have no garden ( well, I do have a weed garden) and no compost bin either.

2. I do have a wonderful neighbor that gives us lots of bounty ( does that even make sense??) from her flourishing garden! I have loads of hot peppers and zucchini from her. Thanks Chrissy! It is making getting our daily veggie requirement a lot easier.

3. My kids are having a great summer! As much as I love summer, I cannot wait until it is fall. I only wish we could skip over winter and just have fall for 6 months! How cool would that be?!??!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

O.N.E. Coconut Water Review

I have heard about the goodness of coconut water, but never tried it. It's supposed to be a good source of electrolytes which is great for after a hard workout. I stumbled across

O.N.E. Coconut Water on sale ( $1.00..normally $1.39)so I bought 2 of them. They were out of the plain coconut water so I was able to try the "with a splash of guava" and "with a splash of passion fruit" flavors. I love coconut as it is, so I thoroughly enjoyed these 8.5 oz. drinks. My kiddos did as well, although I only gave them the tiniest taste ( all in the name of giving a good review of course). The coconut taste still took center stage and I liked that. I would love to try the plain coconut water and I will when the stock is replenished! I recommend this product!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (kind of)

We had a BIG tree fall in our backyard last week. The kids had a lot of fun watching the crane and chainsaws in action! We were able to talk about recycling since the men brought the Chipper Truck to make wood chips out of our dead tree!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tree Hut Hawaiian Kukui REVIEW

I found the best smelling body scrub and body wash at my local grocery store (Meijer). It's from the Tree Hut Collections. This company uses very unique ingredients in all of their products. Coconut shells and crushed almonds are just a few of them. Not only do these products have unique soothing ingredients that are certified organic, but the scent I have smells like heaven ( I am sure it smells something like this..). I love the Shea Sugar Body Scrub in the Hawaiian Kukui scent. I use this a few times a week to exfoliate which is very soothing and refreshing too. I follow up with the Body Wash in the same scent. My whole bathroom smells like a spa when I am done! I am looking forward to trying the other scents; especially the Coconut Lime. How good does that sound?!?! I will admit that I was tempted to taste the products I have....they do smell good enough to eat. I will venture out and try their butter and lotions as well. I am sure I will NOT be disappointed. Check out their site to find out more information!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Operation Potty Train! Progress!

It's been a while since I updated on Miles' quest for potty perfection. We are still in training that's for sure!
His hoarding issues are a thing of the past ( knock on wood), but he has a few #1 accidents from time to time. He will go 3-4 days dry and then have 3-4 accidents in one day. I don't really understand that at all either. I am just being as patient and understanding as I can be ( I hope).
Miles has also had a stutter in the past few weeks. I was not alarmed at first because Amara went through a brief stuttering stage around the same age. She got over hers in a few weeks as I recall. Miles' stutter is a bit different and in the past few weeks it seems to have gotten worse. He needs to close his eyes to get the word out or his voice gets a really high pitch before the word comes out. I found this article (and learned lots) and while it makes me feel a bit better, I am just worried for my little guy. It's not about me. I worry about him when he gets older and teasing from other kids and how that might make him feel. I truly hope this is just a phase or stage that he grows out of. If it's not I know we can work through it!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday (kind of)

Amara getting ready to spalsh in a puddle!
Miles flexin' for the camera while at the beach!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

1 Mile Fun Run

Amara ran her 2nd 1 Mile Fun Run and improved her time by 20 whole seconds (but who's counting??) 12:17 was her unofficial time! She had a lot of fun and asked if she could run another 5k race on the 26th! I am very proud of her and love to see her so happy after crossing the finishing line! Actually I am sure she is all about the medal!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another tooth lost and also some braggin!

It seems I don't have much to talk about on this blog!

Amara lost another tooth- 4 days after the first one. She is way too excited! I think she looks older and sounds funny too!

Tomorrow is her last day of kindergarten. We signed her up to have homework sheets to complete every week of the summer. She did 2 of them today. My little scholar! I also found out that she is reading beyond a 2nd grade level! So proud of her. I hope she remains this excited about learning the rest of her life!!

On Friday Amara will run her second race of the year. It's a 1 mile fun run that she participated in last year. She really wants to beat her time from last year. I think she ran a 12:30 mile!

The picture is from last year.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Toothless Wednesday

Amara lost her first tooth!! She was so excited, she literally FELL out of her bed! She was also so excited for the tooth fairy, that she was still awake at 10:30 PM!

I am going to save her teeth ( is that gross??)

How do I do that in the most sanitary way?!?!

Tooth Fairy--Yay or Nay???