Saturday, November 28, 2009

News You Can Use....Raisins for energy

High energy gels are very popular as pre-exercise energy boosters. The products are high in simple carbs, convenient and fit easily in a gym bag or pocket. They are also expensive! I use them when I run and they range from $1.29- $1.59 depending on the brand or any sales. This can add up quickly when I start running higher mileage and need more fuel. A San Diego State University study showed that raisins had the same effect as an energy gel for increasing blood sugar and preventing fatigue during endurance exercise.
No difference between the comparison of the gels and raisins existed in the performance test, blood sugar, insulin, lactate or blood fats. Raisins are an inexpensive pre-exercise carbohydrate source and work as well as commercial gel-packs.
I have yet to try this out, but i might! I am so used to doing what I do ( gels and sport beans) that I am not sure I am ready to let go of my already formed habits.
I thought it was an interesting study nonetheless!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (kind of)

I I have been slacking on my pictures as of late. I need to get on the ball. So I snapped these pictures this morning of the kids as they ate breakfast.

Miles has his bowl of oatmeal and grapes. Notice his raincoat bib as my older brother calls it! He was in a good mood this morning (whew). Amara was trying to keep her eyes wide for when the flash went off. Ha! I think it was a trick she learned while watching America's Next Top Model- although she can't watch it anymore!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Sharing Feast

Amara had her Thanksgiving Sharing Feast yesterday in kindergarten. The kids were instructed to bring a snack plate to school to share with the class. They made pilgrim hats, finger puppets and place mats to celebrate. She had been excited all last week about this celebration.
During her Halloween Celebration back in October she really indulged on all of the goodies offered. She admitted to having 2 cookies, 2 cupcakes and lots of candy and juice. I asked her if she thought she maybe had too much junk food and her response was " well what did you expect? It's a celebration!!" Oh, well excuse me 5 year old. I mean she did have a point! I just know that we limit the junk in our house and I hate to think of her not having any self control when the decision is all hers. That's the image I had in my head. I left it alone. The next morning her stomach was not in the best shape. She guessed right away the reason for this...The Halloween Celebration was to blame! She actually mentioned she knew why her tummy was not feeling so well. I am glad she figured it out on her own.
So anyway this brings us back to yesterday's feast. I do my grocery shopping on Sunday and of course I forgot to purchase her snack to pass. I had to go back later that night. I let Amara pick the snack. I totally expected her to say cookies or something of that nature ( and I was going to obey!) To my surprise she asked for TLC Kashi Crackers to pass. Umm...ok...Yay! I was very happy that she choose a healthy snack all on her own without me suggesting it. She was actually excited to be sharing a healthy snack with her friends and teacher. She mentioned that she heard the other kids discussing the kinds of cookies and candy they were bringing in and thought that a healthy treat needed to be added.

After school she was eager to tell me what she had at her feast. She had 1 cupcake, 1 cookie, Kashi crackers, popcorn with no butter ( she was quick to point out that this was healthier than the kind with butter), and cheese cubes. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Very proud of her and of myself (I guess) for not making it an issue before the feast! I guess she actually does pay attention to her parents! Good to know....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Pillsbury Simply Cookies Review

Yum! I love baked goods! I was out shopping the other day and came across these pre made cookies from Pillsbury. I bought the Chocolate Chip package. They were on sale for $1.99 I think normally $2.50 for 12 cookies.
Pillsbury® simply...™ Cookies
Made with just the simple, wholesome ingredients you and your family know and love. This peanut butter cookie dough is made just like you would make at home: same ingredients, same process, and same joy in every bite. Simply pop in the oven and enjoy!

*0g trans fat
no high fructose corn syrup
no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives

We use the same ingredients you use! Some of the wholesome ingredients in simply...™ cookies include:
wheat flour
brown sugar
baking powder
pure vanilla extract
all natural semisweet chocolate chips
peanut butter
skim milk

I am not saying that these cookies are healthy by any stretch of the imagination! BUT..if you want to indulge in some good cookies every now and then I would for sure get these. There is not as much "bad stuff" in them as Pillsbury or the other brands pre mixed cookies. I am not a cookie expert, but I did not see a difference at all in the cookies pre made with the "bad stuff"

They also make a Peanut Butter kind that I will be getting next. I love cookies!!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween candy, and other holidays filled with goodies...

I know Halloween is over and done with, but I was curious.

How do you all give out candy? How much a day do you allow? Are you more lenient during the holidays when it comes to junk food?

My kids get up to 2 pieces a day. Usually one, after dinner if they forget to ask about it after lunch!
I find myself being more relaxed during this time...with them and myself!

Naughty behavior gets them NONE!!

Just curious.......

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (kind of)

Amara is a true outdoors girl!

Strike a soon as the camera comes out...she is ON!!

Friday, November 13, 2009

More TV talk......

I came across this in my daughter's newsletter that is distributed once a week. I think I need to try this out.

If you want to limit your child's TV time, try this idea:
Every week give him seven slips of paper. Each is good for an hour of TV. Remind him to plan ahead. For example, if he wants to watch a movie that is 2 hours long on Saturday, he'll nee to save an extra ticket during the week.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Season of Giving.. 365 days a year!

After reading my friend Krys's blog today Musings From Mom School, it got me to thinking about ways to teach my kids about giving to others in need; especially around the holidays. Although I would like to make it a life-long lesson..not just a holiday one.

There are a lot of Spend/Save/Give banks on the market for kids. It's a great teaching and learning tool to get them to understand that whole concept.

After they have accumulated money it's time to figure out who to give it to.

Here are some great charities that you might consider.

Operation Smile:

It gives to children in developing countries with cleft lips.

$240 funds one surgery

First Book:

Gives age appropriate books to preschools in low income neighborhoods

$2 buys one book

Give Kids the World:

Provides terminally ill kids with and families a cost-free week long vacation.

$25 provides a welcome package

There are many many others out there..all you have to do is look!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (sort of)

They grow up so FAST!! Amara and Miles as newborns.....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Educational TV for kids

My kids pediatrician says not to watch TV or play the computer for over 2 hours a day for my kids. I would like to say that I wish I abated by these rules all the time, but I don't. I admit it. We have gotten a lot better especially since Amara's Doc asks her how much TV she watches! She tells the truth! I try to do 1 half hour program in the morning and then the kids eat breakfast and I turn the radio/TV ( not videos) on while they eat and then it's still on afterwards.

The same goes for lunch time and dinner. Now that Amara is in school and Miles naps during that time, the TV is rarely on for that 3 hours.

It's after school that I am dealing with. The kids get one 30 minute show when Amara gets home and then I try to turn it off. I say try because it's usually around dinner time then and I am in the kitchen and they both want attention. Coloring gets old and Amara can sometimes have enough of her little brother! It's not everyday that I give in to the idiot box, but on some days it just seems unavoidable!

I came across an article in Children's Health Magazine called
"Grading the TV Teachers".

The Top picks were:

Sesame Street

Beakman's World

Between the Lions

3-2-1 Penguins!


The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Fetch! with Ruffman, and Teen Kids News

What to avoid:

Curious George

The Replacements

That's So Raven

The kids don't watch any of these shows except for Sesame Street! I have only heard of a few of the others.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Herbal Cleanse: Day 6-10

I have not been posting about this because there is nothing really new to say!
It has been going really well. I forgot to weigh in for the past few days so I will do that tomorrow morning. I also start a 14 day metabolic nutrition system tomorrow as well.I might as well fess up. I am now a distributor for a sports nutrition company and I am using their products so I can at least know what the heck I am talking about..and to know if I still want to sell them! So far so good.
If you want to know more..just email me at: OnTheSpotHealth@gmail.comThe 10 days was pretty painless. The 5 lbs weight loss "stuck".

Wednesday, November 4, 2009