Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Operation Potty Train! Progress!

I called the doctor on Miles this past Thursday. It was really just to make sure I was handling everything in the correct manner. Happy to know that I have been. He has a condition. It's called Fecal Hoarding! (gross) No explanation is needed. The triage nurse assured me it was normal etc.
She also prescribed him a regimen of milk of magnesia, raisins, prunes (which Miles calls- big raisins) grapes, whole grains, yogurt, water and juice. I told her he eats all this stuff anyway(except juice-which he is LOVING!). So she told me to keep it up and then some and limit milk and bananas. Done.
We have had a bit of success so far. It's not been a week yet but have seen some action in Miles' #2 habits already. He still does not want to "go", but I think the MOM is kind of not giving him a choice. Well, he has not been taking 45 + minutes to give up the goods. It's more like 5-30 minutes. That's success in this house! We are getting somewhere. He has been staying dry for the most part..a few accidents here and there, but no consistent accidents.
Go Miles Go!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution- At least my 5 year old learned something!

Who has watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution ? Amara and I watched 2 DVR'd episodes yesterday ( yea, yea--there are some shows I allow her to watch even though it might be too much TV time. Don't judge me! ). So anyway..in a nutshell Jamie Oliver is a famous chef that likes to cook naturally. Natural ingredients, herbs, spices and the like. He is not big on "diets" per say- just natural foods that are not processed. He's a good guy. Amara really enjoyed watching kids her age learning about foods. She was beyond shocked when the 6 year olds ( she's 5) did not know their fruits and veggies by sight. One kid called a tomato a potato....at first I thought it was an honest mistake. Nope. He was totally guessing and was close, but really had no clue.
If you have not watched the show I urge you to tune in on TV tonight or catch it online.
So this leads me to our less than stellar week of eating. I won't get into the GORY details, because it is that bad, I am ashamed. For real. Ugh and gross.
Let's just say that when the kids and I went to pick up pizza for dinner last night Amara says
"Mom, when are we going to knock if off with the fast food" Oh boy. It was one of those moments when I was mildly irritated (probably slightly embarrassed that a 5 year old totally called me out), but I also knew she was right. I told her she was right and we would chill out soon. I could not even tell her we would be back to normal on Sunday, because we might not be. This is not the first time she has reminded us of our healthy lifestyle going bonkers. I am proud of her. It does not happen often that we have crap food more than once a week, but it does happen from time to time. We are human right?!?! I like to talk about leading a healthy lifestyle and for the majority of my days I do. I have my moments as many of us do. I am so glad that I (Matt too) are teaching the kids our healthy habits, but also not being perfect( rigid) all. the. time. So I guess this was a test for Amara ( yea right) Happy to say that she passed with flying colors !

Monday, March 22, 2010

Operation Potty Train! Progress!

Quick update here.
Miles wore under ware for a while yesterday and hopefully all day today ( minus sleeping time). We ventured to the YMCA as usual. I had his diaper bag with changes of clothes for when he had an accident. Well..drum roll please....he not only stayed dry for the 1.5 hours he was there, but he also told someone he had to use the potty--and then used it!! YAY!!!
We celebrated in the car with Altoids all around!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Operation Potty Train! Progress!

More progress. No #2 in the potty. Just in the Pull Up...during nap time or night time! I won't complain..I just want him to GO!
We have had almost 2 full days of dryness here! Yay Miles!! He has not gotten in the habit of telling us he has to go, but when we sit him on the potty..8/10 he goes!
That's all I got!

TV time!

Ever since Miles told me all the names of all the characters on his cartoons I decided to severely limit the kids TV time. It was kind of a wake-up call of sorts. I thought I was limiting their TV time already. I took a step back and thought about it. It was a lot of TV watching. All the " here and there's" sure do add up to a lot of time. Amara would wake up before anybody and turn the TV on and might get 1 hour in before the rest of the house was up. When Miles got up it was only fair that he got to watch a show-or 2 before breakfast. So, by 8AM Amara should have been done watching TV for the day. They would both watch 1-2 more shows after school, depending on what I was doing ( cooking, cleaning or whatever). And then the hour before bed( Dora and Diego). Yep, that's way too much according to the experts. This does not include the ESPN that Matt used to turn on as soon as he came home from work. After all, adult shows don't count right?!?! Wrong! Any moving picture - cartoons, video games, computer shows, prime time TV etc. counts as TV time.
We now limit TV time. It was easier for Amara to understand. Miles on the other hand, well he is getting used to it now. The TV is set to the music station now so when Amara gets up in the morning she can still turn the TV on, but there are no moving pictures just music. I also have www.pandora.com on the computer now. We can listen to music for free while the kids eat and play. I use TV as a reward for Miles and his potty training at the moment. Because going #2 is such an issue these days- the kids can watch 1 (30 minute) show every time he goes #2 in the potty. This is about an every 3 day occurrence. The kids were able to watch a bit more TV during the Winter Olympics because it was the Olympics! I need to make sure I don't keep coming up with more excuses like that though just because I want to watch TV. If Amara is home and Miles is sleeping she and I might watch a show on The Food Network together every once in a while too. Matt has also stopped turning the TV on, so that helps immensely with limiting TV. I feel good about our decision. We LOVE music in our house and it is on more than it is not. The kids are always singing and dancing around and also make requests. We are reading a lot more and doing more crafty things ( I am not crafty at all, but I try). I like the fact that viewing a TV show is more special for the kids now instead of the norm if that makes sense. I am hoping we can stick with it. I think it will get even easier as the weather warms up and we can spend more time outside. So far, so good.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Operation Potty Train! Progress??

Update on the boy and his potty.
He stays dry and clean for the most part! A few slip ups here and there, but that might be parent error ( not asking him or not being home etc.) I figured I would start off with the good news!
Now the not so good news. The #2 stuff. Not doing so hot there. The poor kid is still scared to go. We are not sure what to do! We have offered so many wonderful things too!! Scare tactics don't even work-- the ambulance is going to come and help him go. Nope--he called me on my bluff! The ambulance trick does work to get him to eat his veggies though........
I am still trying to be patient with him. I have had a few frustrated mommy moments, but all in all I am being laid back about it. I have heard way worse stories about potty training, so I still consider myself lucky!

Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh What A Night!

This post is not so much about being healthy or anything. It's just a short recap of my night last night.
Matt and I went to a concert on Thursday night. We like to listen to up and coming bands and artists ( Mat Kearney is an example). We followed his music and still do, but we knew of him before he made it BIG! Anyway.... I have been told we (Matt too) are groupies. Whateva! We just like good music!!!!
One of the artists last night, Steve Moakler is a household favorite of ours and the kids as well. He only sang a few of his songs and Matt was able to record a few seconds of them on his phone to share with the kids. Steve did not sing Amara's favorite song "18" though. Matt took it upon himself to talk to Steve as he mingled with the fans. Steve offered to play it for us after the concert! He held true to his word. He found Matt and grabbed his acoustic guitar and lead us outside and sang his heart out! Our recording is not that great, but I really wish I would have recorded Amara's reaction as she watched the recording. She had tears of pure happiness. Steve worked her name into the song and also said her age in the song too. He was a good sport. It was a great experience and she will have this great memory forever and ever. We can't wait until the kids are older and can enjoy an indoor live show with us. If you care to listen:

Check him out on myspace and facebook! He is a great, young, up and comer!