Sunday, February 28, 2010

News You Can Use. A Dose of the D!

What?? are you surprised this is NOT about potty training? Me too.
This post is about Vitamin D. I have been reading and hearing a lot about this vitamin. I have had quite a few runner friends that have been low on the D- that's a shame because it is very very important for daily function! Without vitamin D the body cannot take up and use enough calcium as it should. We need calcium for healthy bones and teeth!
Study after study shows low levels of vitamin D is linked to nearly every health condition you can think of: heart disease, cancer, hypertension, obesity, depression and much more.
Who is the most at risk of vitamin D deficiency?? Exclusively breastfed babies--that's who? Seems strange if you ask me, but it's a fact. Even though breastfeeding is considered the ideal form of nourishment for infants, breast milk does not have enough concentrations of vitamin D.
As a vitamin found in many foods (eggs yolks, fish and fortified products)most kids don't get enough from foods alone. Here are some ways to ensure your kids ( and you!!) get enough vitamin D:

Incorporate vitamin D-rich foods: eggs and fortified foods like cow's milk, soy milk. rice milk, cereals and bread. Read the nutrition label for vitamin content as well. (400 IU/day is ideal).

Ask your doctor how mush fish is safe for your child to eat. Fish boasts vitamin D, some types of fish( shark, some tunas and swordfish) might have too much mercury. It's probably best not to eat more than 2 servings of lower-mercury fish a week such as catfish, salmon, shrimp, tilapia and clams.

Ask your doctor for a prescription for vitamin D drops after the birth of your baby. Breastfeeding is still the best way to nourish newborns and babies throughout at least the first 6 months. The drops just ensure that your baby is even healthier.

Go out and play! The sun offers lots of benefits and not just a burn! Just make sure to apply a broad spectrum sunscreen to your child even on cloudy days. The sun exposure will help their bodies produce vitamin D.

Establishing good habits in infancy and childhood will most likely carry over into adulthood. Making sure that your kids get 400 IU daily of vitamin D may help curb infections and fend off health problems such as osteoporosis, cancer and autoimmune diseases as an adult.
Good to know!

*info was gathered from an article in Family magazine. Article written by: Michael Wood M.D.*

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Operation Potty Train! Progress!

I lost count on how many days it has been since the good old potty training has started. I am starting to go crazy. Yesterday was a long day. Miles did very, very well though. Lots of #1 and a nice #2 before bed. The #2 took while. Over an hour. Possibly 2, I forget. Lots of screaming and yelling ( him, not me..I swear) he told me he was scared. It broke my heart. So there I was hugging my son as he screamed in my ear the whole time. I ate my dinner on the floor next to him. I read books. All in the name of going #2....and he did it! No help from any meds either. Whew. I did not want him dependent on that. I know he was never constipated ( sorry if TMI, but this is about potty training!), he was just holding it in the whole time. His new reward is dinosaur fruit snacks. It might be a forbidden item in our he is loving it! The M & M's and ice cream just were not enticing enough I guess. We are making progress over here. He kept himself dry for 2.5 hours today too! Go Miles Go!

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

I love salsa, how bout you!??!

I can (and do) eat it by the spoonful! I have caught Amara doing it as well...I can't tell her NOT to since I have no plans in stopping myself!

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Potty Talk-- of course!

Not much good news to report on the Operation Potty!
You know it's not going so well when your 2 year old repeatedly tells you he does NOT want ice cream, M&M's, TV time or french fries ( yep, I had then waiting in the wings). Poor buddy. I hate to see him not doing his business. At this point I just want him to go( we are talking #2 here). I told him to go in his Pull-Up. I don't care...just go!!
I did allow him to sit and relax ( advice from my almost 70 yr. old dad. Gotta love him.) in front of the TV, no pressure, no potty talk while on his potty seat. I let him sit for almost an hour. In that hour he had to go 3 times, but held it in. That makes me sad. The kid is in obvious pain from holding back! The good news is that when he vacated the potty it was full of #1! We had a mini celebration because of that. No ice cream to his dismay, but 1 M&M is better than none!
Just wondering any opinions....
Go back to diapers?
Is he not ready?

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Operation--Potty Party!!

Well we had a bit of a celebration today! Miles went #2. It was not easy, but he still went!

Ice cream all around at 9:30 in the morning!! He even got to watch his favorite cartoon (Chuggington). This is a big deal in this house lately. For the past 3 weeks the kids are down to 1 hour of kid shows. There will be the occasional Food Network show on 1-2 days a week, but for the most part even Matt won't turn on ESPN as soon as he walks in the door. First thing in the morning either I turn on the TV to the Music Choice ( no videos, just music) or I turn the computer on and fire up and have Amara choose the music genre of the day. The kids do love their John Mayer radio station!

Back to the ice cream social....... Miles decided to even share some with his sister. How sweet!! He got 3 M&M's, 3 stickers and the strawberry ice cream on a cone! He is living it up and all before 10 AM. I hope he remembers all the goodies he gets. so the next time won't be so difficult

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Operation Potty Train!

I think Miles has had enough of the potty. He has not gone and it's already after 12 noon. He has made a few attempts, but no progress today. He informed me that he in fact " don't want any M & M's or stickers" uh oh. I am still trying to go with the flow ( or in this case-the lack of) with him. I don't want to get all pushy and annoying on him. I think I have done quite well with my behavior. I do tell him that is makes me sad that he won't try. He actually seems a bit concerned about this. His big sister is getting impatient with him. She won't even sit in the bathroom with him for more than 5 minutes anymore! She's got things to do!
I have not taken out his special present yet. I let him pick it out almost 6 weeks ago. I should get it out and have it on display so he can remember why it's important to go on the potty--for presents and snacks of course! he does not seem to care at all that pull ups are expensive!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Matt cut a mohawk for Miles!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Operation Potty Train!

Well the weekend went OK. Well not really, but I am practicing having patience. I keep telling myself-" He's only 2!"
Miles was all about the potty on Friday. He went on it a lot all day and night.
Then came Saturday. The excitement died down a bit, but he gave it a good effort.
Sunday was a bust. I don't think he went in the potty at all. I don't know how many training pants I changed. ( I thought to go straight to under ware, but gave up on that super soon as he peed on me- I was done.)
Now it's Monday and it was only a little bit better than Sunday. I am a bit frustrated, but I feel I can't put him back in a diaper. Nope. I won't do it.
He tells me when he is ready to try. Yes, sometimes we only sit there for 30 seconds before he says " don't wanna go potty. Wanna get down."
So, we get down. We go downstairs. We go back upstairs when he says he wants to--yes--30 seconds later. He pretty much rules the Operation Potty as of right now. Oh well. We will see how the rest of the week goes before I do anything drastic. I don't even know what that means. Heeeeelp!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Operation Potty Train!

Well...potty training has officially started. It was not really well thought out though. Miles asked to sit on the potty on Tuesday and after 45 minutes he produced some liquid! Party time! He was pretty proud of himself to say the least. His sister was especially proud of him too--she is such a little mother!! I think we will just try to go with the flow ( no pun intended). He was all about it up until yesterday, but he still got it done. Today I tried to put him in under ware and that lasted a good 45 minutes until he climbed up on my lap and went with the flow (pun intended this time). I did use his last diaper and will try my hardest not to go back to diapers. These dang training pants are not cheap though so I hope he gets the hang of this sooner than later! Patience, patience, patience! I think I do really well. I hope so. I know he is just a little guy

After his nap today I had him on the potty for at least 15 minutes ( usually longer) and then we would take a 10-15 minute break. He would go (#1) almost every time. He tried to go #2 and then freaked out.....I was hoping that would not happen. We will get through this!!

I snapped this picture with my cell phone of him a few days ago. He was actually happy, but from the looks of this picture-not so much!
I had to come back and write more.....I was just got back from sitting with Miles for 45 minutes! He went potty. He did great.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monday, February 1, 2010

Vegetables??? No thanks!

Why do kids stop eating their veggies?? Both of my children were great veggie eaters as babies. Not so much anymore. Amara is 5 and will eat: salad, carrots, broccoli, green beans and fresh asparagus. I won't complain, but I wish she would eat a better variety. It's offered and it's a struggle. I choose to pick my battles. At least she is eating the other ones well.

Miles on the other hand will eat: green beans. Yup. That's it. And it's not easy either. I have to bribe him almost every time too. He's bribed with a spoonful of peanut butter or a bowl of blueberries! (at least its not candy anymore). I try to pick my battles with him as well, but I want him to EAT his veggies. He used to be a champ at eating the broccoli-not so much anymore. Ugh. I have tried to hide them in casseroles and all the usual places, but Miles is not into foods like that. He's not into a conglomerate of foods. Just plain. A sandwich he can disassemble and eat. A bowl of apples sauce. A tray of green beans. He likes it plain and simple. He does not eat what the rest of of eats for dinner. I am fine with making him a PB sandwich and yogurt and fruit with a side of green beans! I basically give him what he asks for or what I know he will eat ( pick my battles). I still want him to eat a variety of vegetables though. Fruit is no problem. I am sure he goes well over the RDA everyday-no doubt.
Any advise would be much appreciated!