Thursday, February 19, 2009


Let's see..... it's been a while since I blogged about anything besides giveaways!
Valentine's Day was fun. Amara had a party at school and was all sugared up by the time she got home. Cupcakes, candy, candy and more cupcakes! She also brought home a bag of goodies. I thought about bringing in a healthy treat for her to pass around, but I decided against it since you could only bring in a store bought item. That would be expensive, especially knowing that there was a good chance it would go right in the garbage! We won't exclude Amara in these junk filled parties at school or from eating the lunches the school provides, but I will admit that I will be so happy when she starts kindergarten, and will start bringing in her own lunches from home! So she better live it up now!

Miles is growing up so fast too. He has quite the appetite on him too at 16 months old. The kid will try anything, and eats almost anything you put in front of him! He has been kept indoors for a good portion of this winter. It's just so cold outside we figured he would not like it, boy were we wrong! Matt took the kids outside this past weekend and pulled them around in the sled and Miles had the best time! He loved it so much that he cried when it was time to come back in. He now asks to put on his coat and hat and wears them in the house just waiting to be let out!
I can't wait until spring!

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