Monday, October 26, 2009

10 Day Herbal Cleanse: Day 1

I started my 10 day herbal cleanse today. So far so good. I was a bit scared to do it, but I am sure I will be just fine!
The purpose of a cleanse is to prepare your body for continued healthy eating and lifestyle. People might choose to do a cleanse before they start a new eating plan or diet.
This herbal claims to thoroughly cleanse your kidneys, liver, intestinal system and colon. The cleanse provides anti-inflammatory effects that reduces aches and pains.
I had to drink the fiber drink this morning which was interesting. It was kind of like drinking not so strong creamy orange juice with the pulp with a bit of roughage. I am not sure if you can imagine that, but it was not terribly gross. It was not something I would crave, but whatever. I can do it.
I still eat food which is a good thing. I have heard of cleanses that you barely eat. I do not feel hungry either. I have had lots of raw veggies and I will have some more fruit for a snack later tonight. Upped my water intake as well. The things I am doing now will just lead me to continue with good habits; that's the plan anyway!
So far so good......

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