Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break!

I feel kind of bad that I have not taken many pictures of the kids this past winter. I am not a fan of the cold-so the camera did not make too many appearances.. So happy it's spring!! We went to the Frederick Meijer Gardens to experience their butterfly garden this past Friday. It was a great time and the kids really enjoyed themselves! We enjoyed a few days with warm temps. Now it's back to reality again. It's back to "normal" April weather for West Michigan. Cold and rain. Yay. Not really; although we really do need the rain. Amara and I are wanting to plant some wild flowers this week too. If it does not rain all week that is! We are also doing a bit of spring cleaning in her room. Not all at once-she was overwhelmed with that suggestion! She cleaned off her cluttered dresser( she learned that bad habit from her parents), but she said she felt good inside to throw things away once and for all. Such wisdom for a 5 year old!

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