Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Operation Potty Train! Progress!

I called the doctor on Miles this past Thursday. It was really just to make sure I was handling everything in the correct manner. Happy to know that I have been. He has a condition. It's called Fecal Hoarding! (gross) No explanation is needed. The triage nurse assured me it was normal etc.
She also prescribed him a regimen of milk of magnesia, raisins, prunes (which Miles calls- big raisins) grapes, whole grains, yogurt, water and juice. I told her he eats all this stuff anyway(except juice-which he is LOVING!). So she told me to keep it up and then some and limit milk and bananas. Done.
We have had a bit of success so far. It's not been a week yet but have seen some action in Miles' #2 habits already. He still does not want to "go", but I think the MOM is kind of not giving him a choice. Well, he has not been taking 45 + minutes to give up the goods. It's more like 5-30 minutes. That's success in this house! We are getting somewhere. He has been staying dry for the most part..a few accidents here and there, but no consistent accidents.
Go Miles Go!

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kathy said...

Hope it is not too painful or that it does not stick with him that long... at least you know he needs even more fiber which will force more veggies ;)