Saturday, July 3, 2010

Operation Potty Train! Progress!

It's been a while since I updated on Miles' quest for potty perfection. We are still in training that's for sure!
His hoarding issues are a thing of the past ( knock on wood), but he has a few #1 accidents from time to time. He will go 3-4 days dry and then have 3-4 accidents in one day. I don't really understand that at all either. I am just being as patient and understanding as I can be ( I hope).
Miles has also had a stutter in the past few weeks. I was not alarmed at first because Amara went through a brief stuttering stage around the same age. She got over hers in a few weeks as I recall. Miles' stutter is a bit different and in the past few weeks it seems to have gotten worse. He needs to close his eyes to get the word out or his voice gets a really high pitch before the word comes out. I found this article (and learned lots) and while it makes me feel a bit better, I am just worried for my little guy. It's not about me. I worry about him when he gets older and teasing from other kids and how that might make him feel. I truly hope this is just a phase or stage that he grows out of. If it's not I know we can work through it!

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