Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Garden update....

I think I might have to start planting something in the garden this week!! I might be jumping the gun on this but, I am a beginner and I am supposed to make mistakes right???
Matt cleaned it out since we got some nice rain here and the weeds started in with a vengeance. I have to get in there and finish what he started, but that's fine by me.

My brother is interested in getting a worm compost pile going and I might join in the wormy fun. It's really amazing what those worms can do. I had no idea that they hatch from cocoons. Kind of creepy , but neat at the same time. He is reading more on that so I will let him teach me the ways once he is an expert.

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LISA said...

Here's a nice little thing on garden and what they can do for your child. This is sort of directed at "home schooled" children...but, it still can relate to others as well. Good luck with the gardening! I want to do the same...but, I have a BLACK thumb!!!!