Friday, May 1, 2009

Planting the seeds

Well I finally planted something!
Peas. I HATE peas! Oh well. I might learn to tolerate them now. They most likely taste a lot better fresh then from the can. It's one of the few vegetables that are OK to plant out of season. I was itching to plant something so I did. I picked weeds and put out organic weed stopper and then planted about 30 pea seeds. I think we are to get more rain tomorrow so that will be good for them. I just realized how big the garden really is after planting my first crop. I have a lot of space to work with. I can be impatient with projects and this is one of them. I don't really want to do anymore research on gardening. I hope I don't mess this up! I added some pics of the garden. I only weeded part of it and I am pretty sure I was pulling up tree roots today!

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