Friday, March 12, 2010

Operation Potty Train! Progress??

Update on the boy and his potty.
He stays dry and clean for the most part! A few slip ups here and there, but that might be parent error ( not asking him or not being home etc.) I figured I would start off with the good news!
Now the not so good news. The #2 stuff. Not doing so hot there. The poor kid is still scared to go. We are not sure what to do! We have offered so many wonderful things too!! Scare tactics don't even work-- the ambulance is going to come and help him go. Nope--he called me on my bluff! The ambulance trick does work to get him to eat his veggies though........
I am still trying to be patient with him. I have had a few frustrated mommy moments, but all in all I am being laid back about it. I have heard way worse stories about potty training, so I still consider myself lucky!

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