Sunday, March 28, 2010

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution- At least my 5 year old learned something!

Who has watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution ? Amara and I watched 2 DVR'd episodes yesterday ( yea, yea--there are some shows I allow her to watch even though it might be too much TV time. Don't judge me! ). So a nutshell Jamie Oliver is a famous chef that likes to cook naturally. Natural ingredients, herbs, spices and the like. He is not big on "diets" per say- just natural foods that are not processed. He's a good guy. Amara really enjoyed watching kids her age learning about foods. She was beyond shocked when the 6 year olds ( she's 5) did not know their fruits and veggies by sight. One kid called a tomato a first I thought it was an honest mistake. Nope. He was totally guessing and was close, but really had no clue.
If you have not watched the show I urge you to tune in on TV tonight or catch it online.
So this leads me to our less than stellar week of eating. I won't get into the GORY details, because it is that bad, I am ashamed. For real. Ugh and gross.
Let's just say that when the kids and I went to pick up pizza for dinner last night Amara says
"Mom, when are we going to knock if off with the fast food" Oh boy. It was one of those moments when I was mildly irritated (probably slightly embarrassed that a 5 year old totally called me out), but I also knew she was right. I told her she was right and we would chill out soon. I could not even tell her we would be back to normal on Sunday, because we might not be. This is not the first time she has reminded us of our healthy lifestyle going bonkers. I am proud of her. It does not happen often that we have crap food more than once a week, but it does happen from time to time. We are human right?!?! I like to talk about leading a healthy lifestyle and for the majority of my days I do. I have my moments as many of us do. I am so glad that I (Matt too) are teaching the kids our healthy habits, but also not being perfect( rigid) all. the. time. So I guess this was a test for Amara ( yea right) Happy to say that she passed with flying colors !


tina said...

That has got to make you proud that she recognizes when the healthy balance of your family's eating isn't on the strong side. Even though I would be embarrassed too to have my kid call me out, it would still be a tiny bit awesome! :D You should be proud of the great example you have obviously been to her already. :)

Krystal said...

aaaargh! i am so upset i missed the first episode! (or two?!)

go amara, though! sometimes we need to be called out by our kids. it really does show what a good job you've done with her!

MarciaG said...

Tina~ I got over my embarassment fast! SO proud of her! :-)

Krys~ I think there were (2) 1 hour episodes. I DVR's a repeat and a new one.

MarciaG said...

It looks as if the next new episode comes on this Friday @ 9PM.