Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh What A Night!

This post is not so much about being healthy or anything. It's just a short recap of my night last night.
Matt and I went to a concert on Thursday night. We like to listen to up and coming bands and artists ( Mat Kearney is an example). We followed his music and still do, but we knew of him before he made it BIG! Anyway.... I have been told we (Matt too) are groupies. Whateva! We just like good music!!!!
One of the artists last night, Steve Moakler is a household favorite of ours and the kids as well. He only sang a few of his songs and Matt was able to record a few seconds of them on his phone to share with the kids. Steve did not sing Amara's favorite song "18" though. Matt took it upon himself to talk to Steve as he mingled with the fans. Steve offered to play it for us after the concert! He held true to his word. He found Matt and grabbed his acoustic guitar and lead us outside and sang his heart out! Our recording is not that great, but I really wish I would have recorded Amara's reaction as she watched the recording. She had tears of pure happiness. Steve worked her name into the song and also said her age in the song too. He was a good sport. It was a great experience and she will have this great memory forever and ever. We can't wait until the kids are older and can enjoy an indoor live show with us. If you care to listen:

Check him out on myspace and facebook! He is a great, young, up and comer!

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