Sunday, May 16, 2010

Birthday Perfection

Today is my birthday! I am 33 today. I actually thought I was turning 32. Pretty funny.
How did I spend my birthday you ask??
Well...Matt and the kids went away for the night ( Friday) until later on Saturday! I am not sure if that is mean or not!?! I thought it was a nice gesture though. The family busted out of here around 5 PM Friday and I was soon to leave my house too. I ended up at the spa getting a nice pedicure with my buddy. Ahhhh!
I followed this up with a major DVR session at home-I am almost caught up!
Saturday morning I thought I might sleep in-NOPE. Went to the gym for a power spin class that I have not been to in a while and then headed out for a little 6 mile run. The weather was gorgeous.
After that I thought I might take a nap. NOPE. I went to Target and tried on about 5-6 pair of jeans. No success either, but that's OK. After Target I met a friend for lunch. At a Chinese buffet. Oh boy. I sat down and enjoyed a plate 2 plates of fried. Yup. It was disgustingly delicious. Stuffed city. I went home for a nap. NOPE. My dinner date called me earlier then expected ( I am still full from lunch). We met an hour earlier than planned. She ate some cheese and crackers until I was ready-ha! We went to a place called San Chez Bistro. It's a place for tapas ( little appetizer type thing) We ordered 3 and shared. We also shared a ginger mocha. It was very different, but amazing! I love ginger. I also got a free dessert that I hoped I would not like- NOPE. Loved it. Ice cream/pie/cake masterpiece of some sort. Or as I called it-heaven on a plate with chocolate drizzle.
After that, my big brother and I went out for drinks. I had 2 adult beverages and about 10 pitchers of water-trying to flush out all the salt and crap I ate earlier! It was a fun evening.
I woke up to Amara trying not to wake me up. She was taping a card to the mirror on the back of our door. So cute. Miles was very nice as well and yells" Happy Valentine's day Momma!" and even gave me his favorite yellow motorcycle as a present. Love him.
I was able to go for a 22+ mile bike ride. I came to a miniature cake and a bag of Hot Tamales.
Best. Birthday. Ever.

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Krystal said...

Sounds like a great day. Oh, all that food!

Sorry I am late wishing you a HAPPY BDAY! I must be the only person on the planet that misses them even with facebook notifications.

If I was awesome like you. I'd have texted you!