Friday, May 7, 2010

Kid Updates............

Miles is still on his veggie kick! Bout time........ I don't think it even has much to do with me telling him that I will call the cops on him either...the kids just wants to eat them-willingly!
He is doing great with keeping himself dry--even during nap time and nighttime as well.

The other thing; well, it's going I guess. He's only 2.5 right??!! That's what I keep telling myself! Besides that, we are very happy with how is growing and progressing. He speaks really well for his age I think and is just a smart great kid all around.

Amara is doing great. Kindergarten will be over in about a month's time already. She is reading quite well and also writing full sentences. And oh, the homework! I am not sure I was as busy as she is when I was in kindergarten. I can see why/how kids her age are stressed out!
I am looking forward to summer. I am not sure Amara is; she will miss school so much! I am searching for fun activities for her do do. So far she will do a week long tennis "camp". I think she is most excited for the cute skirt she gets to wear! I want to make sure she is active using her body, but also keeping her mind working and learning too.
Her first 5k race is tomorrow! She and Matt will run/walk it together. The weather should be ok (knocking loudly on wood). I am hoping the major wind gusts and torrential rain downpour are over and done with today ( for reals!)
I am sure she will have a good time and she is most excited for what happens after the race--breakfast at Perkin's, where she will order her favorite-- Rainbow Pancakes!

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