Saturday, May 1, 2010

More veggies please!!!

Miles asked for a second helping of green beans at dinner today. Well a little boy claiming to be my Miles did anyway. He looked just like my son. I have no idea what has gotten into him! He was full of "Thank you Momma's" and " I love bean beans!" ( Miles-speak for green beans).

I forgot the second best part. He had already finished his dinner and was eating a sucker. He put the sucker down and asked for more green beans!

Kids. They like to keep ya on your toes at all times I guess!

Today will be the last day of my time alone with Miles before Matt and Amara return. It was an exhausting 4 days as a single parent of 1, but a fun one indeed. It was really different to be with just Miles for that long. He really is something else!

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