Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's on..again!

I finally received my nutrition parameters late last I am on my new "lifestyle" plan..NOT a diet. Things are going well. I am still nice to my family and I don't feel the need to gnaw my arm off. This will be my 3rd time doing this program. Every time I have done it I have been very successful and every time I have done it it has been for a different reason. I take the breaks because a girl can only measure her food for so long!
It's always easy to eat really clean when Matt is on the ball too. I am thankful that he shares the same interest in health and fitness that I do. If he didn't that would make it a lot harder for me to comply.
Here is what was on the menu today so you can see that it's not weird and strange foods--plain maybe, but that's only because I choose not to be creative today!

1. 2 protein pancakes and grapes
2. oatmeal, cottage cheese and an orange
3. protein shake, asparagus and coconut oil ( not all mixed together-yuck)
4. chicken and romaine salad
5. lean ground beef, couscous and broccoli
6. egg whites and salsa

So this may not sound so tasty to a lot of people, but I actually love everything I ate today. This is not so different from the things we normally eat, but the difference is I am measuring out just about everything I put into my mouth. It's annoying at first, but after a few days it's just something I get used to. And it works for me so I ain't complaining!

Amara is full of questions when the food scale is brought out. I don't tell her I am trying to lose weight ( except for after I had Miles-did I mention he was almost 11lbs!??! It's been a while since I brought that up.....). I just explain that food is energy and I need to know how much energy I am getting so I can teach my classes, run and take her for walks. I tell her we don't want too much or too little energy and sometimes I use the scale to keep me on track with that. She seems satisfied with that answer.
This week I also started weight training again. I am being smart and trying not to overdo it with my shoulder issues. So far so good. I just need to not get cocky and start lifitng too heavy to aggrivate them once again.
Today I was able to run 4 miles and then take an hour long Power Spin class. I normally would not do both, but I really wanted to take the class. I am glad I did. It was very tough today and just what I needed! I might use some of the things I learned in class today and take it back to my own Spin class.
It has been snowing almost non-stopfor 2 days now. I am not a lover of the cold weather. Amara loves playing out in this stuff! She went out twice yesterday and was in it today as well. Miles wants to go out, but I am sure he would not be able to walk with all the stiff clothes would have on plus the boots! He had fun watching Amara from the inside though ( so did I). I might venture out in is to build a snowman tomorrow with her-or Matt can do it!

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