Thursday, December 11, 2008


The week has been going well. It is Day 6 of being on my plan. Things are good. I only miss sugar. I love sugar. It's my downfall in life. It's not really a downfall. I just love it.
I feel so much better now that I am done with the snacks, too big portions and sugar! I know better, but just needed a small break from being rigid. Now I want to be rigid once again.
I was able to make Zumba last night thanks to Matt!! The YMCA Kid Zone closed at 6pm for some reasons. Zumba is not done until 6:30. He was kind enough to leave work early so I could participate. I have had to skip that class for 2 weeks already. I must have been getting cranky about it. I learned a few new dances last night too. Good thing I am an awesome dancer ( sarcasm)........
As usual, this class did not disappoint.
Not too much going on besides getting ready for Christmas. We have not bought one gift for anybody yet. We like to live on the edge. I hope to get most of the shopping done this weekend if not all of it. Who am I kidding? We probably won't get any done!
The kids are doing well. Amara is doing really well in school. She loves to learn-I hope this is always the case as she gets older. Matt and I have discussed starting both kids on a second language. Italian being the choice. Matt is 50% Italian and 50% polish. I think it would be great and he and I would of course have to learn it as well.
Miles is getting more and more fluent with his language ( sign language) he uses it regularly now as he tries to communicate with us. He can verbalize about 10 or more words + several alphabet letters and numbers.
Life is good!

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Annale Jane said...

Hi Marcia,
Sugar is my love also. I too needed a break from all the calories counting but now it has caught up with me so i'm starting back today.
I have to say it's nice to be back on a schedule. I even ran 4 mile outside this morning.
I think a second language is great. Brittany speaks German and Italian. She started German in 6th grade and Italian in 8th.
Last year when we were out shopping a couple in line in front of us was speaking German and complaining about the service in the store. It was so funny. You could tell by what they were saying they thought nobody understood them.
Miles sounds like he is going to be a real better watch out. Once Brittany started she never shut
You have a wonderful day...