Thursday, August 6, 2009

Healthy Family Updates

Amara had a dental visit this week. It was her 3rd time going. I am very proud of her! Her teeth are doing great. I was also glad that she kind of enjoys going to the dentist ( I do too). She always gives the hygienist the biggest hug you have ever seen. You would think she sees her every 6 days, not every 6 months!
There was not a lot of scrapping to be done on her pearly whites. She brushes twice a day. Every few days Matt or I will give them a scrub as well, just to remind her how it's done. Although she clearly is doing wonderfully without us (tear). We floss her about once a week ( probably less, but we are working on that).

Even though we do all of those things I am sure a lot of her teeth's health has to do with the food she eats ( or does NOT eat). All of those apples, bananas and milk we feed her are doing some good! It still amazes me how many young children's teeth are bad due to the foods their parents allow them to eat. Sugary pops, candy and junk food all the time are bad for their teeth, health and bodies in general. Anyway....... Miles brushes his own teeth too. He won't let me help him most of the time. He has the time of his life mimicking his big sister while she brushes her teeth-it's the funniest thing! If you want more information on keeping teeth healthy check out this site: TEETH -lots of good info for parents and stuff for kids as well! Keep on brushin'!

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