Monday, September 14, 2009

Fruit Fly TRAP!!

SO I have officially had it with fruit flies..what are they good for anyway?? They are good for nothing, that's what!

I used good old google to perhaps find a way to get rid of these pesky good for nothing species.

In a nutshell all I had to do was get a clean container ( I used an old peanut butter jar, baby food jar,Gatorade bottle, and clear vitamin jar) put pieces of banana in it. Cover the top with cling wrap and poke tiny holes in the top. I have captured quite a few so far! Amara gets a kick out of it too. I am afraid that they are crawling out of the same hole they crawl into, but the directions said that they will not crawl back I guess only time will tell. I did bait the flies with a sweet smelling nectarine. I think it's working. Those jars near it have the most flies inside!

Matt says he has noticed a difference of less flies so maybe it really is working! I am like McGuyver over here...or something.
Share your best tactics to get rid of the evil fruit fly!

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