Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fulton Street Farmer's Market- Saturday Tradition

For the past 6 or 8 weeks or so I have gone to a local Farmer's Market every Saturday after doing a long run ( I am currently training for a marathon). My running buddy and I finally made the trek ( its super close to where we live) and wish we would have started this tradition a long time ago. This particular Farmers Market has been open since 1922 and we are just now joining in on the fun. Better late than never I suppose. We get so excited to go there after running lots of miles. It's kind of what gets us through our runs--today we ran 22 miles and the Farmer's Market was brought up a few times as a means to an end! It's also good to walk around for a while to let our legs get rid of some lactic acid and just cool down in general.

The Fulton Street Farmer's Market has provided local produce to the City of Grand Rapids for over eighty years. The Market is located in the Midtown Neighborhood and is operated by the Neighborhood Association. The Grand Rapids Parks and Recreation Department provides this venue offering produce, flowers, meat, eggs, and local handmade items as a service to the residents of Grand Rapids. Farmers markets provide a unique opportunity for urban dwellers to connect with food producers and are great places to meet friends.

I bought ingredients to make fresh home made salsa--since my own garden did me no good.

There are so many cool things here that I want to try. Different kinds of vegetables that I have never seen or heard of before ( Cranberry beans??). And now that the apples are in season. I am going to be buying Honey Crisp until they are gone! And the prices are less then my grocery store for most items, but you really can't beat the atmosphere, I don't even mind the big crowds. We are all there for the same reason-It's the best way to support our local farmers' and to buy great things! They do have a few vendors that provide organic, hormone-free, grass fed etc. poultry and meats. I am very interested in purchasing from them soon. I have already tried some of the pastries-- whole wheat so it's ok! The cinnamon rolls I bought were truly the best I have even eaten. Not to mention the breads and jams and pizza crusts..they have everything-all home made!

If you have not checked out your local Farmer's Market, I urge you to do so. I wish I would have YEARS ago!

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