Thursday, November 19, 2009

Halloween candy, and other holidays filled with goodies...

I know Halloween is over and done with, but I was curious.

How do you all give out candy? How much a day do you allow? Are you more lenient during the holidays when it comes to junk food?

My kids get up to 2 pieces a day. Usually one, after dinner if they forget to ask about it after lunch!
I find myself being more relaxed during this time...with them and myself!

Naughty behavior gets them NONE!!

Just curious.......


vanessa40 said... know candy is my downfall but i have to say this holiday season i have been so much healthier. I allow myself one day a week for something special and if i get a craving for something sweet instead of fighting it like i use to i will have something small.

Krystal said...

typically, logan gets to choose a few pieces on Halloween night. Basically until I look down and see a wrapper pile and cut him off. The next day, he gets to have probably 3-4 pieces, and then after that, it's one piece after lunch and one after dinner, but a lot of times he'll forget to ask for something after lunch, which is fine with me!

shopannies said...

we follow the same sort of rules around here still plenty of halloween candy left

thanks for visiting my blog