Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving Sharing Feast

Amara had her Thanksgiving Sharing Feast yesterday in kindergarten. The kids were instructed to bring a snack plate to school to share with the class. They made pilgrim hats, finger puppets and place mats to celebrate. She had been excited all last week about this celebration.
During her Halloween Celebration back in October she really indulged on all of the goodies offered. She admitted to having 2 cookies, 2 cupcakes and lots of candy and juice. I asked her if she thought she maybe had too much junk food and her response was " well what did you expect? It's a celebration!!" Oh, well excuse me 5 year old. I mean she did have a point! I just know that we limit the junk in our house and I hate to think of her not having any self control when the decision is all hers. That's the image I had in my head. I left it alone. The next morning her stomach was not in the best shape. She guessed right away the reason for this...The Halloween Celebration was to blame! She actually mentioned she knew why her tummy was not feeling so well. I am glad she figured it out on her own.
So anyway this brings us back to yesterday's feast. I do my grocery shopping on Sunday and of course I forgot to purchase her snack to pass. I had to go back later that night. I let Amara pick the snack. I totally expected her to say cookies or something of that nature ( and I was going to obey!) To my surprise she asked for TLC Kashi Crackers to pass. Umm...ok...Yay! I was very happy that she choose a healthy snack all on her own without me suggesting it. She was actually excited to be sharing a healthy snack with her friends and teacher. She mentioned that she heard the other kids discussing the kinds of cookies and candy they were bringing in and thought that a healthy treat needed to be added.

After school she was eager to tell me what she had at her feast. She had 1 cupcake, 1 cookie, Kashi crackers, popcorn with no butter ( she was quick to point out that this was healthier than the kind with butter), and cheese cubes. Not too bad if I do say so myself. Very proud of her and of myself (I guess) for not making it an issue before the feast! I guess she actually does pay attention to her parents! Good to know....

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