Friday, February 12, 2010

Operation Potty Train!

Well...potty training has officially started. It was not really well thought out though. Miles asked to sit on the potty on Tuesday and after 45 minutes he produced some liquid! Party time! He was pretty proud of himself to say the least. His sister was especially proud of him too--she is such a little mother!! I think we will just try to go with the flow ( no pun intended). He was all about it up until yesterday, but he still got it done. Today I tried to put him in under ware and that lasted a good 45 minutes until he climbed up on my lap and went with the flow (pun intended this time). I did use his last diaper and will try my hardest not to go back to diapers. These dang training pants are not cheap though so I hope he gets the hang of this sooner than later! Patience, patience, patience! I think I do really well. I hope so. I know he is just a little guy

After his nap today I had him on the potty for at least 15 minutes ( usually longer) and then we would take a 10-15 minute break. He would go (#1) almost every time. He tried to go #2 and then freaked out.....I was hoping that would not happen. We will get through this!!

I snapped this picture with my cell phone of him a few days ago. He was actually happy, but from the looks of this picture-not so much!
I had to come back and write more.....I was just got back from sitting with Miles for 45 minutes! He went potty. He did great.


LISA "GUNZ" said...

ugh...potty traiiinnnnniiiiinnnnnggggg....i wish it were like litter box training. with cats you just fill the box, plop in the the darn thing and "voila"...they get it. not so much with kids, huh? so hard. my mom did most of the training with my first cuz i was working. my last two though i did and it was a killer. my boy especially. GO MILES!!! GO! Literally!!! hehehehe XOXOX GUNZ

Krystal said...

oh, you mean mommy! poor miles! j/k i'm totally the mom who would post a potty training photo on my blog too!

hope he keeps wanting to go. he'll get it! :) go miles!!!!