Monday, February 1, 2010

Vegetables??? No thanks!

Why do kids stop eating their veggies?? Both of my children were great veggie eaters as babies. Not so much anymore. Amara is 5 and will eat: salad, carrots, broccoli, green beans and fresh asparagus. I won't complain, but I wish she would eat a better variety. It's offered and it's a struggle. I choose to pick my battles. At least she is eating the other ones well.

Miles on the other hand will eat: green beans. Yup. That's it. And it's not easy either. I have to bribe him almost every time too. He's bribed with a spoonful of peanut butter or a bowl of blueberries! (at least its not candy anymore). I try to pick my battles with him as well, but I want him to EAT his veggies. He used to be a champ at eating the broccoli-not so much anymore. Ugh. I have tried to hide them in casseroles and all the usual places, but Miles is not into foods like that. He's not into a conglomerate of foods. Just plain. A sandwich he can disassemble and eat. A bowl of apples sauce. A tray of green beans. He likes it plain and simple. He does not eat what the rest of of eats for dinner. I am fine with making him a PB sandwich and yogurt and fruit with a side of green beans! I basically give him what he asks for or what I know he will eat ( pick my battles). I still want him to eat a variety of vegetables though. Fruit is no problem. I am sure he goes well over the RDA everyday-no doubt.
Any advise would be much appreciated!


Krystal said...

Hey girl!

Taking Logan in the summer to the farmer's market with me helped, as did letting him help with the garden. It amazes me, he'll eat things straight out of the garden that he wouldn't touch if I put them on his plate. if you're doing your garden project again this year, have alittle plot where mioles can plant some peas and stuff. kids love to open the pods and eat the sweet little peas.

Logan WILL NOT eat fruit, which drives me absolutely bonkers, but it's amazing, if we go to the blueberry or raspberry farm, he'll stand there and stuff his mouth. once we get them home, he won't touch them.

my bff's daughter will only eat the veggies that come in the cans with sesame street characters on them. does miles like those guys?

yobaby has 3-in-1 meals that are yogurt with fruit AND veggie puree in them. does he like yogurt?

does he like dinosaurs? that's how i got logan eating LOADS of raw spinach. we pretended we were brachiosauruses and since we were herbivores, we were eating "leaves." we did that once and he decided he loves raw spinach and now he'll eat a pile of leaves.

as for amara, at least she has a little rotation in there. maybe try serving mixed veggies with mostly stuff she eats but throw a couple others in there that she doesn't generally eat. maybe it'll just happen eventually if you keep offering it.

another thought, my mom came over and we used ALL SORTS of veggies and roasted a big tray of them in the oven. Coat them with some olive oil and sprinkle with garlic salt. It gives them a unique flavor and Logan tried a few new ones that way.

Kristin Pizzi said...

Can you make some smoothies and make it strong enough so that he can't taste the veggies? You can alsouse pumpkin in baking brownies. or chocolate avocado pudding. Try googling ecipes with hidden veggies. I know there are a lot of authors (moms) with books on the market and you can probably find some online.