Thursday, February 18, 2010

Operation Potty Train!

I think Miles has had enough of the potty. He has not gone and it's already after 12 noon. He has made a few attempts, but no progress today. He informed me that he in fact " don't want any M & M's or stickers" uh oh. I am still trying to go with the flow ( or in this case-the lack of) with him. I don't want to get all pushy and annoying on him. I think I have done quite well with my behavior. I do tell him that is makes me sad that he won't try. He actually seems a bit concerned about this. His big sister is getting impatient with him. She won't even sit in the bathroom with him for more than 5 minutes anymore! She's got things to do!
I have not taken out his special present yet. I let him pick it out almost 6 weeks ago. I should get it out and have it on display so he can remember why it's important to go on the potty--for presents and snacks of course! he does not seem to care at all that pull ups are expensive!

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