Saturday, February 20, 2010

Potty Talk-- of course!

Not much good news to report on the Operation Potty!
You know it's not going so well when your 2 year old repeatedly tells you he does NOT want ice cream, M&M's, TV time or french fries ( yep, I had then waiting in the wings). Poor buddy. I hate to see him not doing his business. At this point I just want him to go( we are talking #2 here). I told him to go in his Pull-Up. I don't care...just go!!
I did allow him to sit and relax ( advice from my almost 70 yr. old dad. Gotta love him.) in front of the TV, no pressure, no potty talk while on his potty seat. I let him sit for almost an hour. In that hour he had to go 3 times, but held it in. That makes me sad. The kid is in obvious pain from holding back! The good news is that when he vacated the potty it was full of #1! We had a mini celebration because of that. No ice cream to his dismay, but 1 M&M is better than none!
Just wondering any opinions....
Go back to diapers?
Is he not ready?


LISA "GUNZ" said...

He'll be ok. I went through heck with my little guy too. But, keep it up. He'll be fine. It's frustrating as heck...but, I noticed when I calmed down and just stuck to the plan, he was fine and all of a sudden he just DID IT! It takes some time. XOXOX GUNZ (LISA)

MarciaG said...

Thanks.....ugh!! Haha! I am proud of my patience I seem to have at this time! It's tough at times, but he will get the hang of it..hopefully before he is 10!! ;)