Monday, September 6, 2010

30 Days of Self Love--So We Idolize Our Bodies (Day 6)

How much do we really value our bodies? We may say we don’t, but when taking a closer look at our actions we may find differently. What ways have you put too much emphasis on your body? How can you change that?

Where do I start?!? It probably started in college when I really started working out. At first it was because my roommate loved to exercise. she and I would go almost everyday. After a while I found out how much I loved it and then I started noticing the changes it brought about. After a while it was getting me a lot of attention from guys. I was not a very out going person so this was very uncomfortable to me. That was one part I did not like--at first. I later felt it pushed me to even work out more. I was not trying to get skinny either. I always wanted to be lean and have muscle and curves. (Still do).

It seems that as time went on it was expected of me to always be working out, or to always be in shape. It felt like it was a job and I was always under a microscope--people wanting to know what I did, for how long, what did I eat etc. I felt ( and sometimes still feel this way) that i had to keep it up or else I would look like a failure to my peers and those that perhaps looked up to me. I am not saying I did things overboard--maybe a few times in my day, but that did not last long.

In a nutshell-- I think most of us do idolize our bodies waaay too much. I do want to always feel comfortable in my skin as well as my clothes though. These days and yes, after having my kids I have a new mindset. I want to show my kids the right way to be healthy- not going to the extreme or overboard.

After my rambling-- I have been focusing for a few years on not idolizing my body for the wrong reasons. Nowadays I idolize my body because of what is has done in the past 6 years:

~It has given birth twice to two good sized babies ( Amara was 8 lbs. 5 oz. and 3.5 weeks early Miles was almost 11 lbs. 1 week early).

~I have run 2 marathons, setting a 20 minute PR with marathon #2 and qualifying for the Boston Marathon.

~ I have taught numerous exercise classes to people that thought they were not "cut-out" for it and told me so.

~ I am coming to terms with my ample tummy and not so ample breasts.

~I am focusing on being healthy so I can be here to teach my kids the same.


Tina said...

You are amazing! You have done so many wonderful things and really do live as an example of health to your kids though. I get feeling like people always expect you to be fit, working out, eating healthy, etc. That's one thing I hate about being consistent with that area. When you do splurge people seem so shocked!

MarciaG said...

Thanks Tina! I once posted that it was free Donut Day on my face book update--I got so much flack! Can't a girl enjoy a donut every now and again! ;-)

Sandra said...

You really have the right idea about how one should idolize one's body. And honestly, up until reading your post, I wouldn't have thought of it that way. It's such a healthy attitude.
I've put my body through the wringer, and continue to do so because I don't know how not to.
Obviously it will take some time, but I'm trying to climb aboard your way of thinking.