Monday, September 6, 2010

30 Days of Self Love--Trusting Your Body ( Day 4)

Is there an area where you face difficulty trusting your body? Take time today to focus on this area and pay close attention to your body.

When I think of trusting my body it usually always leads to running ( of course). This year is probably the first time that I don't trust it and it bugs me. I have allergies, acute asthma and something wonderful called Vocal Cord Dysfunction or VCD. Long story short- it started in the spring..feels like a major asthma attack.....I learned breathing rarely happens anymore if at all-nothing as major as in the spring. OK, with that being said-- this is my slowest year ever at running and it is very discouraging. It's a mind game I hope and not so much physical. It's a real downer.

I am trying to focus on trusting my body. I am having trouble pushing myself because I feel I will push myself into a VCD episode and that scares me. I need to trust in my body to use my breathing techniques to get me though if an episode happens. The more I push my body during my runs, the easier it will become. I already know this, but it's good to be reminded. I guess I also need to learn to trust my brain as well, since VCD can be triggered by anxiety and stress. I know I have both of those.

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