Thursday, January 21, 2010

Carbs are BAD ( oh, and so is fat)

The whole " good food-bad food" thinking makes certain foods special. As a result you might feel deprived and think about then all.the.time. Not such a good thing if you ask me! Worse yet, healthy foods could even become a 4 letter word for you now.
The truth is all foods can fit into a healthy lifestyle. Since different foods have various nutritional qualities and calorie content you can use the principals of balance ( what, the what?), variety and moderation ( what a concept) to guide you without trying to restrict an entire food group.

I agree with this. I also know my body well and know what it reacts to well and what it does not. Dairy for instance. When I did the 10 day cleanse ( which I will be doing again starting Monday), it took out all dairy for those 10 days. What a difference! Less bloat and puffiness. I am sure it was the culprit too. I was eating cottage cheese up to 3 times a day and low fat cheese almost everyday. I still eat these things, but only a few times a week now. I get my calcium in other forms of food (broccoli, nuts, spinach, soy milk, and various beans).

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