Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Operation Potty Train!

OK, so this is more of a question then advice( advice for me) entry.
My son just turned 2 in October. A lot of people think that it's too soon to start. I am not convinced though. I know every ones experience is different. I just don't want to start and then stop and then start again! I urged my good friend to potty train her son this early and it was done in a weekend. He was the same age as Miles is now.
I wanted to start almost 3 weeks ago,but Miles had a fever and a cold so I figured I would wait until he was better. Now he has been having pooping issues-so I figured why start now when going #2 can sometimes be the most difficult part of training?? It would be like setting him up to fail!
The strategy I told my friend to use was full immersion potty training! She used no training pants ( Pull-Ups), just under ware. He understood that the diapers were GONE and were not coming back. He had lots of accidents of course, but then something clicked and he was using the potty like a pro by Sunday night! I wanted want to do this, but with my work schedule it seems almost impossible if I want to start it on a Friday. I wonder if I can think up anymore excuses??? Probably, just give me a few more minutes.....
Amara was potty trained by 27 months of age. I know the rumor is that girls are easier, but I want him on the potty NOW! He seems very interested in the Diego underpants, the Cars potty seat, the "potty prize" he picked out ( a truck of course), and the reward stickers as well.
I am still wanting to go ahead with this as soon as this pack of diapers is gone and hoping that it will be on a weekend.
Any advice or tips would be much appreciated!! I have read and reread loads of info and am still not sure what to do!


Krystal said...


I don't know about the age. Only you and he will know if he's ready or not. i don't even remember when I started training Logan, like how old he was, but it only took maybe a week and he was fully trained.

We did pee AND poo prizes and it worked SO WELL. The pee prizes were candy. Like three smarties or sweet tarts or M&Ms in little tupperware cups lined up on the counter. He got to have a cup of candy every time he peed.

On a shelf in the bathroom, we had little matchbox cars. He got to pick a car for each successful poo in the potty, and to count, he had to tell me ahead of time he had to poop, go to the potty, and actually do it.

Prior to the week we potty trained, Logan spent the entire weekend watching Daddy go every time he went to the bathroom. Pretty rough for my privacy advocate husband, but it worked!

I have been thinking about potties the last couple of days. I think I'm getting Jordan one for his first birthday. I don't plan to train him soon or anything, but we put one in the bathroom when Logan was 14 months and he could play with it, sit on it, use it as a stepstool, try to go potty like a big boy, or whatever. We just wanted him to get used to it as a bathroom fixture and it worked well for us.

I don't know if any of this will be any help to you, but that's how we did it.

BTW, I DID use pull-ups throughout the training process, because we tried just underwear and Logan would get extremely discouraged and stop trying if he went in his clothes.

MarciaG said...

Thanks Krys!
This helps a lot. I better go and get some candy and try to keep my hands out of it!

Krystal said...

Just get some candy you don't particularly like! :)

MarciaG said...

True..I hate black licorie, but I bet he does too!!!