Saturday, January 16, 2010

Exercise More When You "Cheat"

I think we are all guilty of this MYTH! How many times have you "cheated" on your lifestyle ( ie: diet. I just hate that word) and in return tacked on an extra 10, 15, 30 minutes or more of exercise to "offset" the damage?

This myth causes many of us ( yes YOU) to equate physical activity with punishment for eating. This is why many people hate to exercise in the first place. They see it as a negative and not a positive thing. They might use exercise to earn the right to eat as well. This is not a very good mind set to have.

Although your weight is determined by your overall calories in versus your calories out, exercise is only part of that equation. Exercise has many faces of benefits. Try to sees exercise for good and not evil. Put the focus on how great you feel, upped energy levels, more restful sleep and how much healthier overall you are becoming. Wouldn't you rather do something good for your body because of how it makes you feel (GREAT) instead of because you feel forced to do it?!?

I would and I do!!

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