Monday, August 2, 2010

Treats for the kids- a review ( kind of)

I am always looking for healthy snacks for the kids to eat that will actually enjoy eating! They have been enjoying Clif Bar Kids products-the fruit leather twists and the bars. I was at our Super Target this weekend and came across 2 new items ( new to me anyway!)
Fruit Roll Ups Simply Fruit These are 90% fruit! My kids have never been given a Fruit Roll Up by me (maybe someone that did not know any better--grrr), but they sure were excited to try these. They are pretty sticky and Miles needs help getting it off the cellophane. Amara had no trouble at all which is good because I need something I can pack in her lunch that she can open by herself ( *tear*- 1st grade- full day). I bought Wild berry and the kids are big fans.
I also found Au some Nuggets. I bought the variety pack. I think they are 66% fruit which is OK by me. Miles is a fan, Amara has not tried them just yet. I am glad to have found some new treats for the kids.
Let me know your healthy go to snacks!

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