Monday, June 22, 2009

Garden update....

What a mess!! The storms that rumbled through on Friday night really left my garden in shambles!! My poor onion tops are all broken and battered!! My peas are falling over even though I have then set up on make-shift steaks ( long sticks), and my broccoli looks as if somebody came and trampled on them! The good thing is that everything got watered and then some. I hope to be able to do some damage control tomorrow, but it's going to be so hot so I might wait until tomorrow evening.
My mother in law sent over a big container of strawberries from her vast garden. I think she's rubbing it in! I also heard that Amara spent lots of time in her garden this past weekend!! I asked her if she picked up any tips from grandma about growing the good stuff. She told me " no, but I did tell her to put cayenne pepper and coffee grounds around the strawberry plants so they don't spread too much"
She was close, but the cayenne pepper is to keep critters away and the coffee is to enrich the soil. She still gets points for trying! I am sure she left poor grandma totally confused because if I know Amara ( and I do), she was very matter of fact when she gave the information! Love her!

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