Thursday, June 25, 2009

Healthy Family Updates

This week has been a HOT one! We have been looking for ways to stay cool and still have a good time ( and not spend a ton of cash!) and not use a lot of gas( Eco-friendly).

We have had trips to the library, the gym, craft making, and the gym( did I already say that?!?)

We also are starting to declutter our home ( third attempt this year) and have finally made some headway! While I slept, Matt tackled behind the couch. Oh my! What a dusty mess. Now there is NOTHING behind the couch. NOTHING! I am glad I did not take before and after pictures because I would have felt obligated to post them. It was horrible, and we vow to never let it get that way again. Our recylce bins runneth over after the declutter effort! There are also lots of items for our yet to be determined future garage sale! I have never had a yard sale before and am a bit overwhelmed and excited. Kind of. Any tips for a first timer would be appreciated! We vow to take back our home, one clutter pile at a time!

Amara is not so interested in Operation Declutter. She actually declared Tuesday " The worst day of my life!" Was it bad that I giggled after she said that?? I had to remind her of all the tings she did that day: track and field at the gym, swimming at the gym a fun craft at home and played outside. She literally had NO time to have the worst day of her life! By the end of her exhausting day she agreed with me!

Her craft was drawing on an old tank top with fabric markers.

All week long we have been doing environmentally friendly tasks without really trying!

What are some ways you and your family make fun, healthy environment choices? I would love to hear from you!

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