Friday, June 26, 2009

Organic strawberries......are they better ( tasting) than non-organic???

A few weeks ago my local grocery store had organic strawberries on sale. I admit I don't regularly purchase fresh organic fruits and veggies. On occasion and while on sale is more my speed for now. I decided to get the organic strawberries not only because I hear that it's healthier ( for obvious reason including no chemicals!), but they were on sale!

Well, to my surprise ( kind of) they tasted so much better than the non-organic kinds. I am not sure what I expected, but it's true, these were so much better!! I had to make sure it was not all in my head though. Miles has sworn off strawberries for about a month now. He used to ask for them, but lately he will turn his nose up at them and even go as far as throwing them off his tray.

So back to the point. I gave ( shoved) a piece of strawberry in his mouth and he asked for "mo, mo, mo!" I knew there was something different about these berries. Amara likes strawberries just fine, but she even noticed how great they tasted and was sure to ask me why. I told her they were organically grown and did not use any chemicals at all. She wants me to only buy organic strawberries from now on. I might have to agree with her this time. Yes, they were that good! I am almost certain that I can't buy non-organic strawberries now. The taste alone has convinced me.

We also picked our first organic strawberry from our garden this week!! I even let Amara eat it. I am not good at giving up the first anything! It's a youngest child trait I think. She said it was as good as grandma's! Whew!


LISA said...

YES THEY DO! I am a firm believer in this. I buy strawberries at the local Farmer's Market almost every Saturday. They are wayyyy better. Everything is better organic. I swear to you I have hyper-sensitive taste buds and I can taste that chemical crapola they put on the other "stuff"...but, with organic stuff all you get is the fruit or veggie and maybe a little dirt!! hehehehe

Heather said...

I had the organics conversation with family yesterday. I swear that organic foods & even milk taste "cleaner." It was the only way to describe it! It's a little more pricey, yes, but I know it's worth it for certain things!