Monday, November 10, 2008


The day is almost over and I survived-YAY! I don't know why Mondays are so blah...coming off the weekend, going back to work ( a mother is never off-duty), getting back in the swing of things- it's hard.
I was able to get up nice and early and get to the gym and really push myself. It's been a while! Matt decided to "sleep in" and let all the deer get away so I could do my thing today. Although Miles had other plans for him-he was up from about 5am-6am. Glad I was at the gym! I was sore by 8am- that is something different for me, but in a good way.
I did something bad yesterday..I called myself Fat Butt in front of Amara! I try to never say stuff like that. I don't want her thinking I have issues ( even if I do). She just laughed I think and asked me why I said that. I told her I was just joking. She seemed OK with that answer.
I must be doing something right though--earlier in the day Matt asked her if she was going to quit ( I cannot remember what they were talking about), and Amara says " Girls don't ever quit. I'm not quitting" she has also been known to say "Girl Power!" at any given moment.
I need to say more positive things such as that and no more negative body image talk--even if I'm joking!
Miles had his flu shot today and all he did was frown in confusion after it was administered. So happy about that. I hate having to hold his arms down during shots, which is why I normally make Matt do it. The flu shot is the only doctor's visit I don't mind him skipping since it's just a shot and takes 2 seconds.
Amara's halloween candy is almost gone and I have not touched any in at least 4 days. She probably gets 1-2 pieces a day and noticed that her candy basket was getting kind of low. Ooops...I might've blamed Matt. I took credit for eating the big Tootsie Roll though--since Matt told her he did not eat it and she knows Miles didn't.
Here's to a fabulous week!

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