Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Recipe Review--

Tonight for dinner we had Burgers I from the Deceptively Delicious cookbook. The "secret" ingredient in this recipe was pureed cauliflower. It also called for soy sauce, garlic, breadcrumbs, black pepper and milk. When I make these recipes the purees I use are no secret to Amara. Have you ever steamed broccoli or cauliflower before? It's hard to keep that a secret with the strong smell. I put my own secret ingredients in these burgers though-- flax seed flour and wheat germ. Just for a nutritional boost. You can't even taste it. So anyway, I thought the burgers ( I used extra lean ground beef) were very good and flavorful. Matt liked them as well. Now, Miss Amara initially said her burger was good, but I asked her again after I noticed that she ate the whole bun and her burger was still on her plate. She changed her mind and in fact did not like it at all. Oh well, I can't win them all! She ate it all anyway ( because I made her-it only took her an hour.....)
Workouts have been so-so this week. I think I am suffering from burn-out as well as over training. Not good. I think I have done really well all year in avoiding both of these things, but now that the year is coming to an end I feel the need to take a break from it all. Well not it ALL, just a break from work. I would love to be able to just do my own thing for a week or 2 and then go back to work refreshed! Ahhhhhh--I will keep dreaming. No Zumba today. Miles has decided to be text-book and take 2 naps a day like 13 month olds should do!
I have pregnancy induced carpal tunnel--I have it when I am pregnant ( hence the name) and for while after the babe is born. So, of course I was a bit concerned/terrified/sick to my stomach as to WHY it is flaring up so much lately??? Nope-not pregnant ( knock on wood), but I sure do look super hot wearing my 2 braces to bed everynight. It's either that or waking up every 30 minutes because my hands and arms are tingling. Braces it is!
It might be because I have been on so much lately!! I am an addict. And since I mentioned the site on my blog the president( not Obama) thanked me by giving me a coupon to print a page for free! How cool is that!! Thanks Kathy!
Let's see, my eating will be discussed at a later date, when Amara's Halloween candy is gone. That should be real soon at this rate.
All in all this week has not been one of my better weeks, but I'm not concerend. It happens and you get over it and get back on track. Which is exactly what I plan to do-starting on Monday!

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