Sunday, November 2, 2008

New addiction!

I try to limit my time on the Internet to when the kids are sleeping and/or in school, but I became addicted this weekend to:
I always wanted to scrapbook( and to be good at it). I have done a few pages here and there, but never found the time or money to keep up with it. That, and I am just not that creative or imaginative when it comes to things such as that. I take a look at others efforts and then I think mine look like a joke! I had grand intentions of chronicling my pregnancies and the kids lives, but well, that has never happened! We have so many pictures of them on the computer, but nothing that I can share with people in a cool way.
I was up very late last night playing around on this site-it was a lot of fun. I am still new at it though, so I think I will have many late nights again.
I have no idea how to "share" my creations on my Blog, but if you join up for free, my name is mardgra if you want to take a look at my attempts at digital scrap booking! All you have to do is click on View Gallery.

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