Thursday, November 13, 2008


This entry is not really about Thursday, I was just at a loss for a title........
I think I'm sick. I am not sure though. Sometimes I confuse sickness with allergies or just being tired. I have been using Zicam like nobody's business and my own concoction of echinacea and vitamin C. I hope something helps. It was only a matter or time. Amara has been congested for about a week now. Those darn preschool germs. She slept for an unheard of 13 hours the other day. I kept checking on her. She is usually good to go after at 11 hours or so. Lucky girl. I don't think I could even sleep that long if given the chance.
Besides feeling slightly under the weather this week has been a fairly good week for me. I am on track with all my workouts this week. Matt skipped his night hunt yesterday due to poor weather so I was able to go the the gym kid free. I think I was almost there for 2 hours! It was a good time--Zumba was great. My Zumba partner ( my brother's ex-girlfriend) and I were discussing that we might be getting bored with Zumba--say it ain't so!!! After last night's class I can say that it is just as exciting for me as it has been in the past months. Especially after missing it last week-it was great to be back!
I am behind on my recipe for this week. This will be week 5 of 6. I hope to whip something up today if I can find the time. I might make some chcolate chip cookies that use a whole can of garbanzo beans. Oprah said they were excellent so you know they must be.. Oprah don't lie!
I hope to post again later tonight about the cookies or tomorrow. Until then........

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