Tuesday, May 19, 2009

5 year olds know best

The month of May has been full of celebrations for us. First was a 25k that I ran along with family members that participated in a 5k on the same day. We celebrated my birthday that same day a week early. Then there was Mother's Day. Next was my farewell dinner from some clients of mine. A friends birthday party. My real birthday and finally Amara's birthday was yesterday. To make a long story short---there was much junky food eaten by us. A lot more than usual. We are what we would like to think an above average family when it comes to doing things in a healthful manner. We like to eat healthy and we like to teach the kids to do the same. Amara knows that we eat well with small treats during the week and usually a junk food meal 1 time a week ( ex: mac and cheese, pizza or some other take out). This week alone I think I had pizza 3 times. Ugh. I can feel it too. Coming out of my veins and pores! My dad would say

"You're going to turn into a pizza!"

So anyway-- on Sunday we went to the zoo and when we got back my dad thought it was a nice gesture to "treat"us to pizza for Amara's birthday. I hated to turn him down, so I didn't. While my dad and I were off to pick it up Amara told my husband that we already had pizza this week and that we should probably eat something else; something healthier since pizza is greasy. Matt was ready to make her something else, but she finally "gave in" because she did not want to hurt granddad's feelings. Gotta love her effort though.

The next day we were to take her to dinner for her birthday. Whilst deciding what time to go she almost started to cry because she did not want to eat junky food again. We were so proud! She requested salad, whole wheat pasta and marinara sauce for dinner!

I guess it sometimes take a 5 year old to put us in our place and to remind us of the values we instill in her. It's nice to know she listens!


Heather said...

That is the neatest story! You've raised her well & I hope that I can instill that in my child someday :)

Does this mean birthday week is officially over? lol

FitCrazedMomma said...

Thanks Heather....bday week is officially OVER! Finally.... :)