Monday, May 11, 2009

URL name change!

I decided to change my URL to healthy family adventures.... I still consider myself a Fit Crazed Momma, but this blog kind of veered away from that. That's all fine and good...I like to evolve! Haha. I am trying to evolve into being a healthy family so I think the new URL is fitting for the time being.

Amara and I were out in the garden today pulling weeds ( again!) and finding slugs and worms. That girl is terrified of anything with wings, but give her a slimy something and she is all about it. She even held a salamander on Sunday without freaking out. Even Miles was excited about the "snake" ( as he called it). I on the other hand was not really into touching the thing. I used to love worms when I was her age I am sure, just not so much anymore.
While we were pulling weeds I kept pulling up something that smelled so good. Kind of like lemon. It might have been lemon balm ( whatever that is). All I know was it smelled like heaven! Amara and I were sniffing away at the roots for quite a while. I have no idea what to do with lemon balm though so I just kept pulling it up, took a whiff and then threw it in my refuse bag.
I might get the hang of this garden thing someday. Hopefully soon!

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Heather said...

Amara & Kevin's niece (Paige) would get along fabulously! She's always got a critter of some sort in her sights..even ones with wings! lol