Sunday, May 17, 2009

Amara picked the weeds..I mean the peas!

Amara was helping in the garden today. We were some weed pulling fools. About 10 minutes into our endeavor she asks " what the heck kind of weed is this?" TO my surprise, there was a pea at the end!! When I told her of her glorious discovery she thought she might be in trouble. No way!!! She cracked the case of the disappearing peas ( aka: mom did not label and/or remember where she planted them). I sure hope it's OK to replant them after she pulled them up..cuz that's exactly what I did.

Now I have a cluster of sugar snap peas possible growing way to close to each other. Oh well. Amara and I are having tons of fun in the dirt. I have to remind her that every weed does not not its own personal song nor does every worm we find need its own tune. Don't get me wrong; I am loving being in the garden with her. It's just that we were on limited time today ( we went to the zoo after Miles' nap), so I had to cut the Broadway Review down to 5 songs instead of 8!

I have included pictures of the mysterious lemon balm leaves ( or whatever it might be), pea pods and the onions. Enjoy!

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