Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The green stuff in the garden

I have not been in the garden today. Well I take that back. I just got back from taking a stroll in there, and did not do any work in the garden today. We apparently got a good rain last night ( I slept threw it). It must have done a lot better than my efforts with the hose because we have more peas and broccoli! I think it's broccoli. It's broccoli or a very consistent weed that's turning up every 18 inches in a nice row. I will google it later. It better be broccoli! The rain also brought back all of the weeds I just picked. Dang.
A friend told me that cayenne pepper might be a good rabbit repellent for my strawberries so I need to go buy some and sprinkle that very soon. She also uses glass jars full of water placed around the plants. The thought behind that is that the reflection from the water scares the innocent bunnies away! I will wait to hear if it helps or not before I try that one.
I think Amara and I both needed a garden break. She did not even ask about it today!
She is getting a bit more excited to try things in the garden ( so she says now). She wants to try the watermelon and probably even the bell peppers if they are fun colors. She is not so sure about the banana peppers ( too hot!), or the squash ( I do not like squash momma) or the onions( yuck).
Miles will just about try anything you put in front of him. He is loving green beans ( bee bees) and asparagus ( bee bees) these days. He wants to eat salad, but I will feel better about that after he gets more teeth! He was all about the edamame I had on my salad though. A bit hard for him to chew but he kept asking for " Mo, Mo peese!" Who could say no to that?!?

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