Friday, May 22, 2009

Amara's favorite vegetable is finally in the ground

It was a great day to be in the garden. The temperatures were nice and cool. It looked like it was going to rain almost the whole day, but it never did.
Amara and I had some fun in the garden. She did a really great job pulling the weeds and planing her favorite vegetable--broccoli. I have heard from a few people that broccoli is hard to grow, but I hope that it's not. Broccoli might be the only veggie that I am planting that Amara actually really enjoys. She was very happy to find out that we were finally planting the broccoli ( her word) Amara had a great time trying to maneuver the watering can, she stepped on a few onion plants in the process, but hey; it happens! This is our time to spend some quality time together while her baby brother takes a nap. She had to take a few breaks-- once to use the potty, once to play in the sandbox and once to play on her slide! She always made her way back to the garden though.
My plan is to get out in the garden again tomorrow, Sunday and Monday and hopefully get the rest of my crops ( ha) in the ground. That's what I say now anyway. Wish me luck.

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