Saturday, May 23, 2009

Chocolate bell peppers?

I was pretty busy today, but still found the time to plant 2 rows of bell peppers! I didn't start until after 8pm ( kids were in bed). I actually got my measuring tape out this time to make sure the seeds were 18 inches apart and the rows were 2 feet apart! I have not really been doing that for the other seeds..hope that won't be a problem. This seed pack says they are multi colored peppers including chocolate and white hues! That should be interesting. I have never seen those colors before.
The mosquito's were out of control too, so that made me work a lot faster so I would not get eaten alive. I would love to plant a few more rows of veggies tomorrow and/or some flowers too, but we will have to see what happens. I tried to recruit my brother to come over and help ( oh, by the way, he has his worm compost up and running), but I am not sure he will actually come over. I should probably get to bed!

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vanessa40 said...

Your peppers sound great. I got a different kind this year. I think the name is Purple Sweet Bell Pepper. I've never had purple bell peppers before.... Steve will be so jealous when i tell him about your brothers worm compost.